What causes Sharks to attack humans?

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Every year, science and the media still consume a lot of ink, paper for information about the human beings being attacked by sharks in a variety of places. Science is looking to interpret and take measures to avoid them.

Along with the story of the humans being attacked by sharks, these are common causes and solutions to circumvent the science given. Let's find out in the below article.

Sharks ' attacks

Many years have passed with information about humans being attacked by sharks, as indirectly giving a warning to everyone about this danger. About 100 shark attacks each year around the world are the numbers that are scientifically statistically and given. The attack of the famous shark can be said as:  

Australia's menstrual attack for the year 1985  

What causes Sharks to attack humans?
Source: The Sun

  The terrible death of Shirley Ann Durdin, aged 33, in front of her crying family is one of the most infamous attacks in Australian history.   In fact, when the four-child mother broke his head from her body on 3 March 1985, she was the first person after 10 years killed by one of the sea predators in the south of the country. Has been reported.   Shirley was killed while diving for scallops in Peake Bay, South Australia while her loving family looked from shore, shore 150 yard reported outside the magazine.  

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Three people attacked in the U.S. On 03 May 08, 2019

On the last 3 Aug, the surfer Emily Comfort, 20 years old, was bitten by sharks into the left and the wrist. She was taken to the Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, but the wound is not as dangerous to life.   Half an hour later, officials said the 21-year-old surfer Riley Petrovich was bitten by a shark on the right foot. However, he refused to come to the hospital.  

What causes Sharks to attack humans?
Source: Businessinsider

  Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Peter Bourbeau, aged 51, was standing in the depths of the knee, and his right leg was bitten by what he described as sharks.   Mr. Bourbeau said he kicked the shark with his left leg and he was swimming away.   According to CNN, the Sharks in the above attacks have not yet been identified.  

Youth with shark attack in Hawaiian waters on 14 months 08  

A lucky Hawaiian teenager survived when a shark came close to biting off a limb of him while he was out for surfing lately.   Max Keliikipi surfed surfed the web almost every day this summer, but he never caught a shark before.   It all changed on Sunday when the 16-year-old girl came out surfing and waited for a final wave, about 100 meters away from the shore and seeing something protruding out of the water surface, KHON2 News.

Shark Attack Forms

Hit and run.   

This method takes place near the beaches if the sharks are looking for food. Human movement and confusion with a surfboard prey or activities that make the animal come close, bite and discarded after verifying that the victim is not part of the diet. This person is often lightly injured in the genus and the likelihood of death is fragile.  

What causes Sharks to attack humans?
Source: New York Post

Surprise attack.   

People and sharks are in deep waters, and victims do not notice the presence of the animal. The shark mistakenly human with a prey and bites it continually before moving away or continuing to attack. Unfortunate subjects with severe injuries can cause death.  

Hit and bite.   

In this case, the shark fin around the person and attacks with the head or body before shooting him. The victim suffered severe injuries and was sometimes killed.  

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Science speaks of common causes

According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) report, most shark attacks are reported to be things that experts consider not to be proven, meaning that a shark does not seem to know who to bite. Conversely, a Muslim attack is agitated by human activity, such as arrest or harassment of a shark, or removing a child from the fishing line.

Measures to prevent

To reduce the chances of becoming a victim of shark bites, follow these rules:  

1. Always swim in a group.  Sharks often attack solitary individuals.

2. Don't wander too far away from the shore.  Do so isolate you and put you out of the aid.

3. Avoid water at night, sunrise or sunset.  Many of the Sharks are most active at these times and are likely to find you better than you see them.

4. Do not enter the water if bleeding.  Sharks can smell and taste blood, and trace its origin.

5. Don't wear shiny jewelry.  The reflection light looks like light fish scales.

6. Do not go into the water that contains wastewater.  Wastewater attracts fish, thereby attracting sharks.

7. Avoid caught water and places with many bait fish.  Sea birds diving is the best indicator of such activities.

8. Don't fall into the water if there are sharks.  Leave immediately if the shark sees.

9. Avoid uneven and brightly colored tanned clothes.  The shark sees a particularly good contrast, so be more cautious when the water is opaque.

10. Don't splash much.  Also, keep the pet out of the water. The erratic movement can attract sharks.

11. Use with caution close to the sand or downhill drop.  These are the favorite hangout for sharks.

12. Don't relax just because the dolphins are nearby.  Seeing dolphins does not indicate the absence of sharks. Both often eat the same foods.

13. Don't try to touch a shark if you see a baby!

14. If the Sharks are attacked, the general rule is to do whatever it is necessary to escape! Some people have chosen to succeed to become aggressive, others are active. Some screaming underwater, others blow bubbles.

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