What causes a lot of hair loss that you did not expect?

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Daily routines such as washing your hair with hot water, choosing the wrong shampoo, often stress ... are common causes that make your hair fall out and become thinner.

You have taken care of your hair carefully but still see a lot of hair loss, a lot of shedding on pillows, on the floor, in hair comb ... but for unknown reasons? Most likely your hair loss is due to the following unexpected causes

There are many causes of hair loss, but the causes of mistakes in daily routines are still the main reason for thinning hair and increasing hair loss. To limit this situation, besides caring for your hair from the inside, you need to pay attention to change the following bad habits.

What causes a lot of hair loss that you did not expect?

What causes a lot of hair loss?

1. Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. In addition, if the body has some physical problems, the hair stops growing and sheds more.

To limit hair loss, keep your hair healthy, you need to try to reduce the pressure at work and avoid stress in life.

2. Wash your hair with hot water

According to a study by the Hair Care Manual, regularly washing your hair with hot water can cause the hair roots to expand and weaken, thereby causing hair loss.

Therefore, it is best to wash your hair with moderately moist water, do not use too hot water to help hair strong and not dandruff.

What causes a lot of hair loss that you did not expect?

3. Select the inappropriate shampoo

Besides shampooing with too hot water, the shampoo you use every day can also cause your hair to be thinner and thinner. Many people think about buying shampoo at a price or advertising information without really understanding the ingredients and the use of each ingredient.

Therefore, before buying any shampoo, you need to understand your hair quality as well as the ingredients in hair care products to find the best shampoo.

4. Use a hair dryer regularly

A hairdryer is not only a tool used to dry hair but also is used to style the hair to add in the folds. However, if you overuse the dryer, the hair, roots, and scalp are damaged, making the hair weak, thin and making it difficult for the hair to regrow.

To use an efficient hair dryer, you should only dry your hair about 90% and allow your hair to dry naturally. This will help your hair stay dry, oil-free, and won't hurt your hair.

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5. Tie your hair too tight

Tied hair so tightly is a habit that many girls suffer. When the hair is tied too tightly, the hair and scalp will be stretched, causing the hair to dry out and quickly fall out.

Instead of regularly tying your hair, sometimes you should let it loose about 2-3 times a week to give your hair time to rest and recover.

6. Change your hair style often

Changing hairstyle is an extremely legitimate need of women, but doing this regularly will cause your hair to be severely damaged. Because when using chemicals on the hair will break down the horny link, making the hair weak, thereby causing more hair loss.

The best time for hair to recover from chemical damage when dyeing and changing hair styles is 6 months.

What causes a lot of hair loss that you did not expect?

7. Do not cover your hair on the road

Most of us just sunscreen our skin and completely forget our hair. If you do not wear a hat, do not use a hooded coat to shield your hair, in a short time, the hair will be discolored, damaged and broken. Therefore, to nourish your hair, you need to minimize the exposure of the hair to the sun, especially at noon.

8. Unsuitable nutrition

Excessive food intake or deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss. You need to follow a balanced diet based on the nutrition tower to have healthy hair.

Besides, you can regularly add some foods like bananas, dairy products, fish, carrots to have a nice hair from the inside out. However, remember to take care of your hair to make it look more beautiful and perfect.

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