What cancer causes you to cough up blood?

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Coughing up blood can come from a variety of causes, including throat cancer. The amount of blood in the sputum may be more or less depending on the degree of illness.

Hemoptysis is a bleeding condition accompanied by a cough, which may or may not be productive. This is also a manifestation of some dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, respiratory infection or bronchiectasis.

Coughing up bloody sputum is a situation where a person coughs up sputum with blood on them when trying to cough. Coughing up fresh bloody sputum is caused by a respiratory infection or throat cancer.

What cancer causes you to cough up blood?

The amount of blood that escapes with the sputum initially will be very small, have a slight pink color or a little orange feel, so it is difficult to detect immediately without careful observation.

What disease causes you to cough up blood

Coughing up fresh blood is what disease? Fresh blood vessels are usually caused by a respiratory infection or throat cancer. Please follow the following article


Bacterial infections, viruses such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, or Aspergillus fungal infections can cause sputum in the morning.

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Pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary embolism refers to a broken or floating thrombus in a blood vessel, which can have many blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis are those that don't move and lie deep in a vein. Often the thrombus formed in a vein in the leg becomes a pulmonary embolism. The thrombosis can move into different areas of one or both lungs. The severity of pulmonary embolism depends on how much blood does not reach the lungs. Therefore, when suffering from this condition, patients often have symptoms of bloody sputum or coughing up blood.

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Acute laryngitis is a condition in which the larynx mucosa is damaged by a viral infection, with a high chance of cure. Meanwhile, chronic laryngitis occurs mainly due to long-term exposure to factors such as environmental pollution. In this case, laryngitis often lasts longer and is harder to treat.

What cancer causes you to cough up blood?

Sputum with blood can be a sign of many dangerous diseases. (Illustration)


Bronchitis is known as airway inflammation in the lungs. The main tubes in which air flows through the lungs are called bronchi and branch them into smaller tubes called bronchioles. When these tubes become inflamed, they cause stenosis, constriction and airway obstruction, leading to bronchitis symptoms.


Pneumonia is a clinical condition caused by damage to the organization of the lungs (alveoli, endoscopic connective tissue and bronchiolysis) such as inflamed lungs, which mainly affects small air sacs called alveoli. Pneumonia is often caused by infections caused by a variety of agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms such as parasites. In addition, pneumonia is also caused by toxic chemicals.

What cancer causes you to cough up blood?


The tonsils are a lymphatic organization in the back of the throat, the intersection of the airways and airways as an important gateway for respiratory protection. The main and most important function of the tonsils is to prevent the attack of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) on the body. In addition, the tonsils also secrete natural antibodies against infection. For the airways, the tonsils are considered to be the original "guard and guard" of the airways. Chronic tonsillitis (tonsillitis is an excessive infection) is a frequent, repeated inflammation of the palate tonsils.


Recurrent pneumonia can lead to bronchiectasis. That warehouse, the airways, and the bronchi is swollen and produces a lot of mucus. Accompanied by a state of wheezing, shortness of breath, bad breath, pale skin, tired people.


This is the leading cause of bloody sputum in the morning. Accompanied by a mild fever in the afternoon, tired, sweating at night, weight loss with no cause ... To determine exactly whether this condition is due to tuberculosis or not, it is necessary to examine and test. investigate thoroughly.

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes damage to the parenchyma of lungs, pulmonary blood vessels, airway damage, resulting in bloody sputum. Typical signs of obstructive pulmonary disease include shortness of breath and productive cough. Often people will cough with bloody sputum in the morning, mucus with pus.

Lung cancer

Sputum in the morning may be a warning sign that you have lung cancer. This cause accounts for up to 20%. At that time, the patient will have other signs such as loss of appetite, wheezing, chest pain, fatigue, unexplained weight loss and coughing up blood.

What cancer causes you to cough up blood?

Palate cancer

Palate cancer is a malignant cancer that occurs in the posterior palate, cleft of the throat or "pharynx". Nasopharyngeal cancer is different from other cancers when it appears, its cause, its behavior and its treatment. A type of cancer that can be encountered at any age, most commonly at the age of 40 -60 years. Besides sputum discharge, palate cancer can also occur with sore throat, neck, ears and weight loss.

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