What are the warning signs of an impending brain stroke?

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According to health experts shared to identify the signs of stroke, remember the word F.A.S.T

A cerebral infarction occurs when a clogged brain artery stops blood flow and supplies oxygen to the area of ​​the artery-dominated brain that leads to brain damage and death. If this anemia does not recover quickly, those brain cells will die permanently. Brain infarction accounts for about 80-85% of brain strokes.

What are the warning signs of an impending brain stroke?

5 common causes of brain infarction

Medical experts say: Currently common causes of cerebral infarction are:

Large atherosclerosis

50%, in which large blood vessels outside the skull make up 45%, large blood vessels in the skull make up 5%.

Blockage of small blood vessels in the brain

Common in patients with hypertension, diabetes accounts for 25%.

Cause from the heart

Typically such as thrombosis such as open heart valve disease, atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, heart failure ... creating blood clots to the brain accounts for 20%.

What are the warning signs of an impending brain stroke?

- Atherosclerotic disease accounts for the proportion

Blood disease

Typically such as coagulation pathology, blood cell disease, congenital abnormalities of blood vessels ... accounting for <5%.

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Signs of a heart attack

To identify the signs of a heart attack, remember the word F.A.S.T (English for "fast"):

- Face paralysis (Face): Mouth distorted to one side, nose-cheek wrinkles blurred.

- Weakness, paralysis of the arm (Arm) or leg: When the patient raises both hands, one weaker arm cannot lift.

- Speech disorders (Speech): speaking hard, speaking clearly or not understanding words.

- Time of onset (Time): When experiencing the above symptoms, need to call emergency immediately. Patients should remember the time of onset of illness to notify medical staff.

What are the warning signs of an impending brain stroke?

Doctors added: The symptoms of cerebral infarction occur suddenly, get worse, common as hemiplegia, paralysis of cranial nerves, distorted mouth, difficulty speaking, numbness of sensory disorders ...

Symptoms can be very discreet or heady, disorders of consciousness in the case of patients with extensive cerebral infarction, bilateral cerebral infarction or cerebral infarction.

Currently, to treat cerebral infarction, blood vessels need to be re-opened as soon as possible: With blood clot therapy (rTPA) for people with cerebral infarction who come to the hospital early in the golden hour (less than 4.5 hours) after a stroke) and take blood clots by mechanical means (less than 6 hours after a stroke).

The next goal is to limit complications, find the cause of the stroke to prevent recurrent stroke and neurological rehabilitation by early rehabilitation right after 24 hours from the onset of symptoms.

Prevention of relapse of cerebral infarction

According to doctors, cerebral infarction is a dangerous disease with a high risk of recurrence, so to treat relapse prevention, patients should note: Treatment of causes of cerebral infarction: increased pathologies blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia;

Healthy eating mode

Implementing a diet of reducing fat, reducing salt, reducing starch, increasing sugar, eating lots of green vegetables, playing sports every 30 minutes, stopping smoking, drinking and avoiding obesity;

Follow-up visits periodically and treatment as directed by your doctor

When there are symptoms suggesting stroke such as weakness of the body half, mouth distortion, difficulty speaking ... patients need to quickly go to the hospital, absolutely do not handle at home.

The sooner you go to the hospital as soon as possible, especially within the first 6 hours after the stroke, the best chance of recovery.

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