What are the signs on the hand that indicate a healthy lung?

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To check whether the lungs are working well or not, it is entirely possible to use facial expressions to determine.

The lungs are the body's way of exchanging air with the environment and where oxygen is provided for life. However, this department is often affected by many external factors such as smoking, oil smoke, environmental pollution ...

All of these factors can be harmful to the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing and oxygen deprivation. Therefore, we need to care for and protect the lungs every day.

In fact, to check whether the lungs are working well or not is entirely possible through the expression on the hand to determine. If your hands are showing these 3 signs, your lungs are very healthy.

What are the signs on the hand that indicate a healthy lung?

Signs that the lungs are very healthy

1. No numb hands

If you have lung-related illnesses, your body will send out many signals to notify you. If there is no feeling of numbness in both hands, it means that your lungs are working well. Many people are very numb, this is most likely due to signs of impaired lung function.

Maintaining a healthy state of the lungs enhances respiration, helps the body absorb oxygen in time and releases CO2. Meanwhile, oxygen and blood are provided for all parts of the body to retain the natural activity. If lung function is impaired, many people tend to suffer from numbness due to poor blood circulation.

What are the signs on the hand that indicate a healthy lung?

2. No fingers or toes are inflated

A bulging finger is a phenomenon in which a finger or toes grow larger. This phenomenon is most likely because the body is experiencing respiratory problems. Due to impaired lung function, the ability to absorb oxygen infrequently causes hypoxia.

The fingertips are located at both ends of the body, the blood supply to the fingertips is often insufficient, if the body is deprived of oxygen, the fingertips will be affected, thereby causing chronic diseases for fingernails inflate fingers. If your hand does not show this phenomenon, show that your lungs are still very healthy.

What are the signs on the hand that indicate a healthy lung?

3. The tip of the thumb has good elasticity

The tip of our fingers is often soft and elastic, especially the thumb. After pressing, the tip of the finger can quickly regain to its original state.

But if you find the elasticity of your thumb to be very slow, even without elasticity, you should pay more attention. Because when the amount of air transported in the lungs does not circulate, it is very likely that the thumb will occur. Therefore, if your fingertips still maintain good resilience, then your lungs are still working well.

We need to pay attention, regularly monitor the changes of organs on the body, maintain a healthy living regime to protect the good functioning of the lungs, so that the body will be healthier.

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