What are the abnormal signs at hand warning stomach cancer?

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If you notice that your hand has 4 abnormal signs, your stomach is sick or cancer is forming.

Stomach cancer is likened to "the most deadly killer of all cancers". Worldwide, about 600,000 to 700,000 new cases of stomach cancer are discovered each year. In particular, some countries in Asia such as Japan and Vietnam have higher rates of stomach cancer than other types of cancer ... and are the leading cause of death with 25,000 to 35,000 people each year. 

Most patients with gastric cancer have a high prognosis of death because they do not find abnormalities in the body. When the disease clearly recurred because it was in the middle and late stages, this time has lost the golden time to treat the disease.

To prevent stomach cancer, we first need to make sure our stomachs are healthy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the easiest way to identify the health of your stomach is to look at your hands. If you notice that your hand has 4 abnormal signs this means your stomach is sick.

What are the abnormal signs at hand warning stomach cancer?

How to identify stomach cancer through the hand?

1. The palm of the hand is white

The stomach is the digestive organ, which absorbs and transports nutrients. When the function of the stomach is impaired, the body will quickly fall into a state of malnutrition, lack of air and blood transport will also be no longer smooth. This condition causes palms to be white, lifeless ... This is also a warning sign of gastritis or other diseases.

2. Hot, red palms

If you have a burning sensation in the palm of your hand, accompanied by a red color, it is most likely a symptom of a hot, clear stomach, which usually occurs when you consume too much indigestible food, infection, or abuse. antibiotic...

A burning sensation in the stomach can lead to other symptoms such as pain, fatigue, bloating, indigestion, nausea ... if not treated promptly, your body will be tired and weak.

What are the abnormal signs at hand warning stomach cancer?

To prevent this symptom, you need to avoid eating sour, spicy, greasy foods. Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits. However, if you have tried many ways but still cannot improve this condition, you need to see a doctor to be carried out necessary tests and appropriate treatment.

3. Nail abnormality

According to traditional medicine, the white semicircular part of the finger reflects the function of gas, blood, nutrition, spleen and stomach.

This part should best exist about 1/5 of the nail. However, if the function of the spleen and stomach is abnormal, the blood and gas are out of balance, the amount of nutrients is insufficient, causing the semicircular part to appear too large, too small or cracked. chapped nails. You should not be subjective, but watch for abnormal signs of the body.

How to prevent stomach cancer effectively

1. Chew slowly, swallow slowly

When eating, you need to take time to chew more and swallow slowly. The more chewed food will help the stomach less burden when handling food, this helps promote digestion and protect your stomach health.

What are the abnormal signs at hand warning stomach cancer?

2. Maintain good mood

Experts point out that each person's emotions will affect a range of stomach illnesses, such as gastritis and duodenal ulcer. Therefore, maintaining a state of gentle, happy emotions is also the key to nourishing the stomach.

3. Prompt gastroscopy

Most stomach cancers are detected only on stomach screening. Through gastroscopy, you can observe and determine the health status of your stomach to look for cancer signals.

What are the abnormal signs at hand warning stomach cancer?

4. Nutritional supplements to nourish and protect the stomach

People with stomach aches should not eat or drink arbitrarily or their disease will get worse. To protect the stomach, you need to eat 3 meals a day and eat on time, whether hungry or not.

Limit cold, hot foods because they have a strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, especially the stomach lining.

Eat more bananas, apples, papayas, ginger, white rice, yogurt, potatoes ... to nourish your stomach.

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