What are some simple habits that help extend life?

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You want to live to be over 100 years old? The secret is to always look after your physical and mental health throughout your life. In this way, you can increase life expectancy as well as always get good health to enjoy life.

The United States is aging the population, leading to an aging population with increasing life expectancy. Therefore, in order to increase life expectancy, scientists encourage to do the following simple things in life.
As you get older, it's a great idea to live happily and healthily by increasing your life expectancy and improving your health.Starting with the easiest way, go out and be exposed to sunlight.

What habits help prolong life?

1. Go out

Going outside, the skin will be exposed to sunlight, activates cells in the skin that produce vitamin D, a hormone that is essential for bone health and has a significant impact on the skin. depression, heart disease, diabetes ...

In fact it is estimated that about 50% of adults have low vitamin D levels for the simplest reason that they don't go out much; sitting near a window does not work because the glass door filters too much sunlight.

Scientists think that just leaving the house every day for about 15 minutes to expose your hands and face to sunlight is enough to maintain the level of vitamin B in the body in almost all case.

What are some simple habits that help extend life?

Note that the elderly need to pay special attention to vitamin D levels in the body.

Going out every day for a short time not only improves vitamin D levels but also can improve sleep because sunlight also has the ability to regulate another hormone in the body. melatonin, which helps control sleep cycles.

2. Go out with friends and family

Life expectancy can be increased by simply hanging out with friends and family. The more people in the relationship, the better overall health. being able to come from your spouse, acquaintances, acquaintances and family members is the best way to connect.

A simple way to improve your relationship with people is to develop a habit of telling good stories.

Excluding the number of phone conversations, this time only talks about the weather in the sky or on the ground or updates the dry information about the family, but instead should tell stories that feel funny and funny. Figure of children who are descendants or something that feels interesting at work, makes sense.

Things to consider

According to the development of society, life expectancy is increasing day by day, the elderly are increasing but the quality of life is the most important issue of longevity. Therefore, life only makes sense when people are old but they live happily. , healthy living, useful life. Health is the basis for deciding issues to have longevity.

If you follow these tips well to increase your life expectancy, you should focus on the specific risks and dangers. You will live quite a wonderful life and will continue to live in a Long life span, minimizing risk events.

The story being told can keep the relationship alive, so spend more time having the story for friends and family.

It is important to take care of each other to create stories together, and to make a real effort to improve communication through the means such as phone, email or face-to-face meetings with A story is always available to tell.

3. Exercise daily

Daily exercise is a great way to improve the longevity, health and energy required.

Studies show that people who exercise vigorously for about three hours a week will have the genetic DNA and cells 9 years younger than those who do not exercise; Exercising 3 hours per week means more than 30 minutes a day.

What are some simple habits that help extend life?

Important issues, should exercise appropriate, regular and regular annual; Do not start high intensity exercise but then quit exercising again.

The daily exercise is important because it will help improve sleep and increase energy. The most important thing is that just restoring the whole body every day will be in good health.

Daily exercise is also not "compulsory" to go to the gym but in fact we can perform exercises at home such as yoga, scissors, weightlifting ... suitable for free, just works well and is extremely effective.

4. Oral hygiene

Daily oral hygiene to protect the health has been recommended by scientists. Although strange, but true, both prevent gum disease and prevent heart disease, help increase life expectancy.

Infected gums are often caused by bacteria that hide in the mouth. This problem is also harmful to arteries through mechanisms: bacteria find their way into the arteries and create dental plaque; In this way, the body produces an immune response to the bacteria in the mouth and causes chronic inflammation, which narrows the arteries, making it harder for the heart to function and that can lead to heart disease.

Need to put floss rolls next to brushes and toothpaste for daily oral hygiene. The practice of brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day should be done together with the practice of using flossing for hygiene.

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5. Have regular sex

Scientists think that the life expectancy of humans can be increased by regular sex. In one study, men who had a high frequency of orgasm during sex had a mortality rate of about 50% lower; This is quite good information and especially because the issue related to sexual activity and aging is currently being paid attention by the community as well as the health sector as this is an issue that needs to be recommended.

What are some simple habits that help extend life?

Scientists believe that sexual activity has direct health benefits because they activate all types of endorphins and hormones in the body, which helps to overcome aging and keep the body healthy. and increase life expectancy.

It can be said that simply having sex is a healthy activity and should be sexually active to improve longevity.

6. Eat "vegetarian"

Longevity may be related to three factors that vegetarians often excel at using low-fat, high-fat foods that are high in antioxidants and managing a healthy weight.

In fact, some vegetarians call "junk food vegetarians" because they do not eat animal meat but eat pizza, cheese and ice cream all day; This is not good for health and longevity.

People who eat a lot of green vegetables, foods made from healthy fats like olive oil and restrict animal products like cheese and cream, are often referred to as "vegetarians of whole vegetarian food." ”, This is an official vegetarian.

The leading cause of death and shortening of life in many countries around the world is often due to heart disease. As the heart ages, it can be accompanied by damage in the arteries, making artery function difficult and limited; This causes blood pressure to rise and the heart to work harder leading to a risk of heart disease.

Vegetarians with "all vegetarian food" will have a well-functioning artery system because they eat healthy greens, avoid bad fats and other unhealthy foods.

In fact, people who eat lots of green vegetables are high in antioxidants, which help the body correct some of the damage caused by aging; Eating as much plant-based and varied foods as possible will help your body adjust better.

7. Relax

Stress often affects directly to the body for a long time, along with other negative behaviors; These behaviors include "binge eating" and heavy smoking. These include heart disease and cancer; Long-term stress also causes people to become irritable and have sleep disorders.

What are some simple habits that help extend life?

So to improve the quality of life, right now must do this to get a longer life span. Reducing stress by performing various methods such as liking yourself is considered a "relaxing reaction"; Breathing has been scientifically proven to keep the body from reacting to stressful events in everyday life.

Another long-term relaxation method is meditation, which not only helps to calm the body but can also train a clear mind and exercise the mind.

8. Health examinations and medical tests

Improving life expectancy through health checks and performing medical tests is not really a way to help live longer and extend life but this is an effective way to predict more years of health. healthy for life.

Screening and medical tests can help detect and treat illnesses early, if possible, which can help extend the life of an infected person.

However, the question is when the health check will be conducted, which is something that the doctor can tell clearly because there are differences, risk factors and family history for each individual. .

Scientists believe that health checks should be considered part of a disease prevention program, because preventing disease or finding it early is probably the best way to prolong life.

9. Limit watching television

Actually, the issue of longevity and the viewing of television do not have any connection However, scientists believe that reducing the time spent watching television will improve health status, for a few reasons such as: watching television makes the body inactive, sitting in a seat that consumes less energy. calories lead to weight gain; more likely to eat junk food than people who don't watch television; often have an antisocial attitude because they only sit at home and stay in one place and have little chance to talk face to face with others; news and many television shows have tense stories that do a bad job; don't have time to do other more important jobs ...

What are some simple habits that help extend life?

To do one particular thing, the average person watches TV for about 4 hours a day, 28 hours a week or more than 1,400 hours a year if they spend this time on other activities like exercise, doing volunteer work. , talking to your children or thinking about another job ... will be more beneficial.

It may not be possible to know how many years in life to have longevity if you quit watching television but will certainly get back about 1,400 hours of time each year.

10. Avoid the risk

The fact that life can be protected by ensuring there is no unnecessary risk in life. For young people, the biggest cause of death is not illness or age-related problems, but the most common cause of death is injury and violence. If you engage in certain behaviors, such as daily smoking, life expectancy will be shortened to 14 years.

Some issues need to be done to protect the life even though it is known, it is recommended but always remember and must be taken seriously such as wearing a helmet when participating in traffic by motorbike, wearing seat belts, drive safely, avoid situations that could lead to injury, avoid risky sex, avoid violent situations, do not smoke or quit smoking, and maintain a healthy healthy weight. ...

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