What are foods should not be eaten for breakfast are easy to harm health

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Breakfast is very important, but many people neglect, choosing the wrong foods that make the body lack nutrition easily pick up sickness.

A nutritious breakfast helps keep insulin levels steady and lower your risk of diabetes and obesity. It also energizes the day, improves brain function and overall health.

But increasingly busy work has made people forget to eat a full breakfast, and often eat breakfast dishes advertised as convenient and nutritious. But is this true? Here are the best foods not to eat for breakfast.

What are foods should not be eaten for breakfast are easy to harm health

Foods that should not be breakfast

1. Hot porridge

Many people are accustomed to eating a hot thin bowl of porridge or soup in the morning and claim that this will help rejuvenate and energize the day. Eating porridge in the morning is indeed a good habit for healthy people, but this doesn't mean everyone should eat morning porridge.

Waking up at 6-10 am, this is the stage of highest blood pressure, blood vessels are very sensitive to temperature changes. After eating a lot of hot porridge will stimulate the expansion of blood vessels, this will accelerate blood circulation and increase the burden of pumping blood to the heart.

If you suffer from underlying medical conditions such as atherosclerosis, plaque, etc., unstable plaques can fall out when the blood flow changes suddenly, which can cause blood clots.

In addition, hot food if it exceeds 65 degrees C can cause mucosal burns. Although it can repair itself, if you eat hot food every day, it becomes damaged that can cause problems like ulcers, chronic inflammation, and even cancer over time. Therefore, eating porridge should not be too hot.

2. Frozen cakes

Some frozen ready-made cakes are rich in carbohydrates, especially single carbohydrates, which will be digested quickly and do not cause feelings of fullness. It is important to read the amount of whole grains and fiber mentioned in the nutrition factsheet when purchasing.

What are foods should not be eaten for breakfast are easy to harm health

3. Sweetened cakes

Pastries or pastries are basically just sugar and gluten. These foods are nothing more than sugary snacks and can be eaten as desserts, but they are not suitable for breakfast.

4. Fruit juice with sugar

Juices seem to be healthy, but in fact they also contain a lot of sugar. Some fruit juices claim to be 100% natural and don't add any sugar. This just means that sucrose is not added to the beverage and the fructose in it can still be converted to fat.

Even 100% fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Consuming large amounts of fruit juice can have the same effects on your weight and health as drinking sugary drinks.

What are foods should not be eaten for breakfast are easy to harm health

5. Flavored Yogurt

Flavored yogurt is often mistaken as a healthy breakfast food. However, flavored yogurt can contain artificial flavors, added sugar and more calories. If you really want to drink yogurt, go for the sugar-free, high-protein yogurt option.

6. Toast with margarine

Toast with margarine increases your blood sugar and insulin levels, causes a feeling of hunger again and increases your risk of weight gain and heart disease.

What are foods should not be eaten for breakfast are easy to harm health

7. Milkshake and smoothie

Compared to your home-made smoothies, these simple snacks aren't suitable for breakfast. Most store-bought drinks are high in calories, high in sugar, and deficient in many nutrients like protein and healthy fats.

8. High-fat, high-calorie foods

Cakes such as cakes, donuts, ... after being fried at a high temperature, the nutritional value becomes quite low and contains a lot of fat.

Eating foods high in fat, calories and high cholesterol for a long time will lead to obesity, affecting the metabolism of the body.

Moreover, starchy foods after frying can easily generate a variety of carcinogens, including benzopyrene, acrylamide, ... not only exist in the oil smoke caused by frying but also clinging to food, affecting the health of strong.

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