What are foods should be eaten in the summer?

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Hot blood, hot body, hot liver, ... is a situation many people encounter, especially in hot summer days. So what to eat cool and avoid this unpleasant situation?

Summer is the time when our body is subjected to many impacts from high temperature from the environment, easily causing dehydration, heat in the body due to bad liver function, ...

The liver is an important internal organ that is mainly involved in the metabolism and elimination of toxins in the body. "Hot blood" or "hot liver" condition is when the liver is damaged, impaired liver function leads to negative effects on health.

What are foods should be eaten in the summer?

Cause heat in the body

Warm blood, liver heat, or hot blood usually appear due to the following reasons:

- Eating inadequate nutrients, lack of science: eating too little fiber, vitamins, eating too many hot spicy foods, sweets, greasy foods, high salt, fast food, ...

- Irregular activities: overwork, under pressure, staying up late, ...

- Using many stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, ... causes many toxins to accumulate in the liver, leading to impaired liver function.

- Overuse of antibiotics: using over-the-counter drugs without the prescription of a doctor causes many toxins to accumulate in the liver, leading to heat in the liver.

Liver detoxifying foods should be eaten in the summer

Adding nutritious foods that have the ability to heat, detoxify is a way to help you improve hot blood, hot in body, hot liver. What to eat for cool blood, what to eat to cool the liver is a question many people ask.

1. Grapefruit, oranges, lemons

In these fruits are rich in vitamin C and high antioxidants work to increase the detoxification of the liver, transforming toxins into a form that is easily soluble in water and easily excreted.

In addition, they help speed up the elimination of harmful substances that cause cancer. Eating these fruits regularly helps to cleanse the digestive system, the circulatory system, detoxify and purify the liver. Furthermore, they also help to strengthen the body's immune system.

What are foods should be eaten in the summer?

2. Cucumber (cucumber)

Cucumber is a fruit that contains up to 90% water and has a variety of minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, vitamin C, potassium, zinc, calcium, ... It is cool and can replenish water. for body. In traditional medicine, cucumber is used to sedate, reduce fever, cool the body quickly.

3. Cereal grains

If you get hot in your body, add grains to your diet such as oats, corn, barley, brown rice, ... They contain lots of B vitamins and minerals that help support the transition. fat chemistry in the liver.

What are foods should be eaten in the summer?

4. Green tea

Green tea is a drink full of antioxidants that help enhance liver function. In addition, green tea also speeds up the metabolism, helping the detox process work faster and more smoothly. A cup of warm green tea daily helps to purify the body, reduce heat in the body and improve liver function.

5. Filtered water

The simplest and easiest way to improve hot conditions is to drink enough water every day. Depending on your weight and condition, you need to drink enough 1.2 - 2 liters of water per day for the processes in the body to be operated well. Water also helps to cool and detoxify the liver effectively.

What are foods should be eaten in the summer?

6. Tomatoes

Tomato is a fruit that contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and micro-minerals that are easily absorbed in the body. Tomatoes can clear heat, detoxify, balance the liver and cool the body. Adding tomatoes to your daily diet, you also have many other benefits such as reducing oxidation, aging, boosting immunity, fighting cancer, ...

7. Fatty fish

According to a study in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, the consumption of fatty fish and fish oil supplements can help reduce the effects of diseases like NAFLD. Fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good fats that help reduce inflammation. These fats can be especially useful for the liver, as they seem to prevent excess fat accumulation and maintain enzyme levels in the liver.

Research recommends eating oily fish twice or more per week. If it's not easy to incorporate fatty fish like herring or salmon into your diet, try a daily fish oil supplement.

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