What are early warning signs of blind eyes?

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The eye is a mirror that reflects many types of diseases in the body, especially the eight signs that are clear but many people often overlook here.

"The face is like a mirror of the mind, along with the soulless eyes but it can utter the deep secrets in the body" - Quote from St. Jerome, a great scholar and theologian in the 300s. He was also one of the first to discover a cure for vitamin A deficiency, along with eye and sight related diseases.

According to him, the eye is a part that can alert about potential health problems in the body. From the notes he left behind combined with today's scientific research, experts now "decode" the signs that the eye is implicitly reporting to you, specifically as follows.

What are early warning signs of blind eyes?

Signs in the eyes warn about dangerous diseases

1. There are boils floating on the eyelids

These types of boils are often mistaken for acne because they also cause pain and redness on the edges of the eyelids. But they are a dangerous inflammation caused by staph bacteria. Normally this bacterium lives harmlessly on the surface of the skin, but it will start to cause disease when they clog pores.

At first, you may experience discomfort for a few days, and if there is no problem, the acne will go away on its own in the next few days. Conversely, if dangerous, they can cause an infection in the sebaceous glands, which can lead to cancer if not treated early. So see your doctor right away if the acne does not heal.

2. Eyebrows thinning away

Eyebrows are like hair, it reflects the health in a clear and true way. The problems leading to overall eyebrow loss can include vitamin A deficiency and zinc, stress, aging ... In addition, excessive pruning or pulling eyebrows also interrupts their natural growth cycle.

What are early warning signs of blind eyes?

However, if the eyebrows are getting more and more thinning, this is the way the body signals the thyroid problem. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone, which in turn leads to hair loss and eyebrow loss. So if there's any abnormality in your eyebrows, think about going for a thyroid test right away.

3. Blurred vision

Society is growing, everyone can buy a modern smartphone. However, it is also that the time to look at the screen increases, thereby causing excessive eye activity and causing headaches, as well as causing many problems in the posture of the body.

If your vision is getting blurry and your eyes are having a harder time seeing things far away, you're probably suffering from digital eye strain. According to the American Association of Optometry (AOA), people need to apply the 20-20-20 rule to protect the eyes when using electronics: Rest 20 seconds to focus on seeing an object 20 feet away ( approximately 30cm) every 20 minutes.

4. You have blind spots in the eyes

The blind spot is the area on the retina that has no receptors that respond to light. Therefore, any image that falls into this area will not be seen and detected. Migraine is the leading cause of vision disorders including vision loss, blind spots or seeing stars flying around.

Migraine is the leading cause of many diseases such as loss of vision, blind spots ... full of danger.

What are early warning signs of blind eyes?

For people with this symptom, it is necessary to get eye treatment as soon as possible to avoid unfortunate events. For example, when driving a long distance, if foreign objects obstructing the road are caught in the driver's blind spot, it is easy to get into an accident.

5. Convex eyes

Many people think that bulging eyes are a physiological trait, so they often overlook them and think this is normal. However, when you begin to feel your eyes are swollen and have trouble closing your eyes, beware of thyroid diseases.

As well as eyebrows, large bulging eyes are also a sign that you are suffering from Graves' disease - a syndrome of immune system disorders that lead to excessive production of thyroid hormone. So do not hesitate, but schedule an eye exam immediately if any symptoms occur.

6. The whites of eyes are more yellow

According to Cleveland Clinic (USA), if the whites of the eyes look yellow than usual, it is a sign of jaundice. This disease is derived from bilirubin - an orange-yellow pigment in bile that causes jaundice and jaundice. The most common cause of this disease is hepatitis, gallstones or tumors in the body.

7. Vision darkens

Visibility that darkens and makes you feel dark is a symptom of diabetes. When blood sugar is high, toxic substances will invade the eye, affecting vision and causing vision disorders. If not treated early, it will damage the retina and lead to blindness, as well as cause many blood sugar problems.

8. Vision loss

This must be a clear sign that the body is having problems, especially the risk of many dangerous diseases. When you lose sight, you will see everything fading, unable to focus on looking at specific objects or the eyes become weaker ... Under this situation, you need to be really serious about protecting your health. and need to see an early doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

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