Walnuts as the Best Anti-Aging Food to Make You Look and Feel Younger

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If you’re looking for an anti-aging food that contains several health benefits, walnuts are at the top of the list. Walnuts can help improve your overall health without requiring you to change your diet significantly. In fact, you only need an ounce of walnuts every day, which is equivalent to seven shelled walnuts.

What Makes Walnuts an Anti-Aging Superfood?

Walnuts have plenty of healthy compounds, including:

  • Vitamin E
  • Flavonoids
  • Melatonin
  • Ellagic acid

All these mentioned have antioxidant properties, which not only rid of toxins in the body but can also help clear the skin and prevent chronic illnesses. Walnuts indeed have high levels of antioxidants. In fact, a study published in the Food and Function journal showed that walnuts emerged at the top of the list out of nine other types of roasted and raw nuts, along with two kinds of peanut butter.

Walnuts as the Best Anti-Aging Food to Make You Look and Feel Younger
Walnuts indeed have high levels of antioxidants / PicHelp

Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals that can harm our health, while killing unstable molecules that can damage the cells in the body. Eating walnuts daily can help prevent diseases that are mostly brought about by old age, including arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants in walnuts can also help prevent cancer and diabetes.

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Other Reasons to Consume Walnuts Daily

Aside from fighting off various diseases, walnuts also have several other benefits that can contribute to a more youthful body and health:

1. Skin Benefits

The antioxidant content in walnuts can also be beneficial for our skin. The free radicals that accumulate in the body are caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, unhealthy foods, and pollution among other things. All these can break down collagen, which is a structural protein that makes the skin strong and supple. When collagen levels are reduced, fine lines and wrinkles appear. This is why it is important to remove the free radicals in the body if you want to look younger.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Capabilities

Just like walnut oil, whole walnuts contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce effects of inflammation and even stop conditions caused by such reaction of the immune system. These conditions may include allergies, psoriasis, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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3. Brain Power

Antioxidants, together with omega-3s, can contribute to improved brain function. So if you’re feeling a little sluggish and you need a boost, just take a handful of walnuts and you can resume your work.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, walnuts can also help us sleep better at night because of its melatonin content. Since sleep is beneficial in fighting aging, walnuts are indeed a great anti-aging superfood.

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