Visit the unique 'sky village' built on the roof of a shopping mall in Jakarta

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In recent times, netizens are "seething" because a residential area was built on the roof of a commercial center in the heart of Indonesia's capital - Jakarta.

The unique 'sky village' is Cosmo Park

This "hot" area is Cosmo Park, a residential complex with full roads, houses, gardens and a swimming pool built right on the roof of the multi-function mall called Thamrin City, in the middle of the center. capital Jakarta.

Cosmo Park is divided into 5 blocks, rated from A to F. The apartments are built on 2 floors. Cosmo Park is located on the 10th floor of the building, and to get to this high-rise "village" you must have a Cosmo Tower access card. Besides roads or houses, this residential area also has parks, tennis courts and a community pool. Not only Cosmo Park, Mall of Indonesia in northern Jakarta is also designed with a rooftop "village" called The Villas.

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The Guardian calls Cosmo Park is the "heavenly village", separate from the noisy city below. When watching peaceful pictures in a residential area, many people think that this is a suburb of Jakarta, not the area located in the heart of the Indonesian capital. Cosmo Park was built 10 years ago, but until June last, when Shahrirbahar1 account shared on Twitter the "village" image in the middle of Indonesian capital, many people knew about it. The drone photos (taken by drones) posted on social networks surprised many people all around the world with this unique design.

Visit the unique sky village built on the roof of a shopping mall in Jakarta
Photo:  Guardian

While many people are interested, some are concerned that urban planning in Jakarta has serious problems and this architecture will cause disaster if an earthquake occurs.

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Indonesia's capital, home to nearly 30 million people, is experiencing severe overload and many problems with food, transportation and pollution. Cosmo Park became a "village" right in the city center. Residents at Cosmo Park love the life here because of the feeling of being almost at home on the ground with open air space, not as mysterious as the narrow apartments in the apartment buildings.

Visit the unique sky village built on the roof of a shopping mall in Jakarta
Photo:  Guardian

The ramp-designed complex allows Cosmo Park residents to drive cars to the ground or drive up to the rooftop. The neighborhood campus is surrounded by an iron fence to avoid falling incidents or accidentally scratching a wall. Fazila Kapasi, a resident of Cosmo Park, said life here is not as remote as in traditional apartments and "this is a lovely oasis". Both the unique residential area of ​​Cosmo Park and The Villas are designed and built by Agung Podomoro Group, approved by Jakarta urban authorities.


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