Vice Principal In Trouble For Giving Student Money…And Having Sex With Him, Of Course

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Is it sad we’ve reached the point with all the teacher student sex scandals where I get to end my title with “…and they were also fucking, duh”? All we have to figure out at this point is whether the teacher got pregnant, and whether or not she’s attractive enough to bother keeping the lights on while they’re doing the deed. Sadly, the answer to both of those questions is “No” – both a boon and a blessing to 41-year-old Sadie Pritchard, a former vice principal at Evergreen High School in Vancouver, Washington.  

Unlike other teacher student sex scandals that begin with the parents catching wind of the affair, in Sadie’s case the student she was banging chose to come forward instead. According to KATU, beginning in October 2017 Sadie Pritchard began messaging the unnamed student on Instagram where she offered to “assist him with his homework.” The messages quickly became flirtatious, eventually leading to a nude photo exchange.

We’ll never know what this kid looks like, but I think we can all agree that he came out on the short end of the stick on that one; at best, Sadie Pritchard looks like she’s been rubbing her face with vinegar and acid for the past decade.

Vice Principal In Trouble For Giving Student Money…And Having Sex With Him, Of Course

Things didn’t become sexual, however, until Sadie began pulling the student out of class so they could bone in her office. Seriously, this woman is so ballsy that they’re doing it on the clock during 5th period math: The student said they started having sexual intercourse in December and it occurred about three or four times over about six weeks. He said the other time they had intercourse, it happened in a testing room.(via) Sadie Pritchard even went so far as to try and help the kid with his grades, as she requested his grades be changed to a pass/fail status in an attempt to improve his GPA.

Here’s some hard truth: if you’re struggling in high school, you are probably too fucking stupid to bother with any higher education that would require a decent GPA. High school is basically babysitting for teenagers; you literally have to do nothing to get lower than a C. Attendance counts for something like 40% of your grade, so even if this lump sits at his desk doing nothing besides fingering his butthole you’d think he’d at least gather enough accidental credit to pass with a 70% on the dot.

Alas, it seems that Sadie Pritchard did not choose this kid for his intelligence, as his reason for coming forward with the relationship was that “it made him mad. He said he told Pritchard that what they were doing was wrong and he could not continue doing it.”

Vice Principal In Trouble For Giving Student Money…And Having Sex With Him, Of Course

Oh, and did I mention that Sadie was throwing him money on a regular basis over the course of several months, eventually totaling over $1,000? This kid’s got a goose shitting golden eggs into his lap and all he wants to do is jerk off by himself in the corner. This isn’t the time for morality or having a conscience – you are too stupid to get through high school by yourself. Get that diploma and THEN turn her in.

As for what happened to Sadie Pritchard after the student reported their teacher student sex scandal, she wound up resigning from her position on May 29th and was charged with three counts of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor. Her bail was set at $5,000, however the judge presiding over her case decided to release her from custody early as long as she refrained from any contact with the victim or any other minors.


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