Veterans in World War II were touched by being the Happy Birthday crew

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The lyrics 'Happy Birthday' resounded on a flight of Southwest Airlines. It was a heartwarming and emotional scene, the crew showed their love for a veteran of World War II.

Sweet footage of the moment was shared by fellow passenger Samantha Goodwin, who praised the airline.

In the clip, crew and passengers can be heard singing to the man, who turned 101 on 12 June according to The Daily Mail. Main lights throughout the cabin are dimmed, with passengers switching on their overhead lights as a tribute to the man before switching them off again as he 'makes a wish' - well, it's not like they can light candles, is it?

Watch: Airline sings 'Happy Birthday' to WWII veteran

Taking to Twitter, Samantha wrote: "@SouthwestAir being the baller airlines that they are took time out to sing Happy Birthday to a WWII vet!"

In response, the airline's official Twitter account posted: "We treat our customers like family, and we're so glad we were able to celebrate this milestone! Thanks for sharing, Samantha!"

The touching clip has gone viral on social media, with people praising Southwest Airlines while others took the opportunity to wish the man a happy birthday.

Lovely, eh?

Southwest Airlines isn't the only airline to hit people squarely in the feels this week, either.

TUI Airways shared an adorable clip showing the moment 79-year-old Pat and husband Ray, 83, stepped onto their flight to Palma - only to find their granddaughter Laura Gibson, 23, was their pilot.

In the cute clip, the proud gran can be seen reacting with shock as she spots Laura on the plane.

Pat said: "We are unbelievably proud of Laura's career as a pilot. We just think she's absolutely amazing."

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Watch: Grandparents surprised by pilot granddaughter flying them to Spain

Laura added: "My Granny didn't even recognize me at first. She was very polite when she said hello, then realized it was me and gave me a huge hug! It was such a special moment."

It was originally Laura's folks who came up with the idea of surprising her grandparents as they set off to Grupotel Playa Camp De Mar, where they visit twice a year.

Laura has been planning the surprise since she joined the airline in November and judging by the look on her gran's face it was all worth it.

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