Vegan Girl Who Ditched City To Live In Jungle Has Saved A STUPID Amount Of Money Doing It

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With the cost of rent in any desirable city having skyrocketed in the past few years, it’s no surprise that people have looked for alternative living styles. Shockingly, living in a truck in your company’s parking lot like that Google employee from two years ago is more desirable than moving to bumfuck Kentucky and paying $300 in rent for a 4-bedroom house. Or if you want to get real crunchy granola about it, you could be like Freelee the Banana Girl and ditch all your worldly possessions to live as a vegan in the jungle.

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Yes, she refers to herself as Freelee the Banana Girl. She’s probably got a legal name, but at the rate we’re going it’s probably something dippy like “Star” or “Pomegranate.” Originally from Queensland but residing in the South American jungle, the 37-year-old now lives a mostly naked lifestyle in a tree eating fruit and not shaving her legs. I think I covered all the bases there – what else would you want to know? Ain’t no soap in the jungle ladies, so y’all gotta assume this girl reeks.

As for why Freelee decided to pull the ultimate “fuck it,” she writes in one of her captions that “I left an unhealthy situation and felt the heart-crushing betrayal from the one I loved and trusted most. I was totally numb at one point, trying to understand my part in it all. I developed temporary health issues related to deep psychological stress. At the same time this profound strength was awakened within. As dramatic as it sounds, I felt like I was being resuscitated and given a second chance at life. I was finally free. I realised it wasn't really love, it was codependency, and we were both better people apart." Freelee eventually found a new partner and moved with him into the South American jungle, where they live in a cabin.

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An Average Day in the Life of Freelee the Banana Girl

But what’s a regular day for Freelee the Banana Girl like? Now that she’s freeloading off the land, she’s saved $4,000 on makeup since she doesn’t wear it anymore, and no longer gets any hair treatments, which has saved her an additional $2,000. On a typical day she drinks 1.5 – 2.5 liters of orange juice that she squeezes herself in the morning. Basically, Freelee is living the easiest version of Naked and Afraid that hasn't happened yet, because that show only sends people to nature's version of the ghetto.

For exercise they move around chopped logs, and if things get particularly stanky there’s a nearby creek they bathe in. “I spend most of my day nude; free of restrictive clothing,” Freelee explains. “'I've stopped wearing synthetic eyelashes at around $100 a month. No longer getting eyebrows sugar waxed and tinted around $50 a month. Not to mention trying expensive face treatments in the past, or the makeup I spent too long applying.

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Freelee the Banana Girl: An Inspiration?

"I used to put makeup on my red dot between brows, shave my baby hair fluff on my face and cover my freckles. Mostly to 'look good' for complete strangers. I haven't shaved my body hair, dyed my hair, or worn makeup in over six months... I'm feeling freer than ever in life. This is not random good luck! You too CAN create this freedom, and I'm here to inspire you." And as a last bit of parting advice to anyone thinking of undergoing a radical lifestyle change, Freelee the Banana Girl says that she's aware loads of people look at her like she's weird...but so what? "Please don't ever be afraid to be different," she says on her Instagram. "BE afraid to be like everyone else. You are a limited edition!"

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