Unexpected causes of hair loss

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Hair loss is a normal reaction of the body to effects, such as surgery, fever or pregnancy ... Or it can also be a sign of a lack of substance or chemical imbalance.

Therefore you know as soon as possible. The average daily hair loss is about 50 strands, but for some people it may reach 100 fibers per day. Hair often falls out when it affects the scalp such as shampooing, brushing ... This is about 15% on the scalp, if you lose more than 20% of your hair, you lose too much hair and need to find the cause of that abnormality.

There are many causes of hair loss

Due to endocrine:

Unexpected causes of hair loss

Nearly all men have the M-shaped hairline and hair is more sparse at the top of the head. Hair loss is caused by a conversion of the male hormone testosterone into a substance called DHT.

The hair follicles gradually become smaller, the period of hair growth is shorter, the degenerative stage of hair grows longer. This type of shedding occurs only in the front and top of the hair because it is a hormone-sensitive area. Hair loss is also common during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Due to chemotherapy:

Unexpected causes of hair loss

This is when the body has reactions with chemicals that are passed on to the body. Chemotherapy affects the growth of hair follicles in the degenerative stage.

The hair roots do not grow normally, prone to breakage on the entire scalp. When the chemotherapy is over, the hair follicle is regenerated.

Partial alopecia:

Unexpected causes of hair loss

Sometimes the body's immune system attacks growing hair buds, a condition that causes patchy hair loss. When this autoimmune phenomenon occurs only in the hair root, hair follicles will be reborn again when the immune system is under control.

The case of scarred hair loss is caused by hair follicles at the bulge of the hair follicle being attacked, causing permanent hair loss.

Other causes:

Unexpected causes of hair loss

There are many other causes of hair loss, such as frequent hair pulling, excessive brushing, poor body quality, or excessive stress.

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