Trend: Upgrade trampoline for bed

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We have synthesized from the sharing of DIY rotating bed creation by many people. It's a product made of an unusual material - the trampoline is upgraded.

If you have a trampoline in your yard, but it seems that your kids have lost interest in bouncing on it, we have the perfect DIY for you.

Trend: Upgrade trampoline for bed

You can turn those old trampolines into huge DIY bed swings. Imagine lounging on this near a lake. Ahhhh... heavenly!

You can even design a custom canopy to give yourself some shade.

Keep out the sun and bugs with a DIY canopy. Choose the fabric and colors of your choice to make your own backyard oasis

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Add a few throw pillows and get ready to lounge the day away.

Trend: Upgrade trampoline for bed
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Plus, these swings are big enough to hold at least three people so you can even make something of a party out of it.

I mean, I think I could just live in this.

Trend: Upgrade trampoline for bed
Floating Bed Co.

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Who needs a house? I could just lounge and swing all my worries away in this bed. If anyone needs to know where to find me, just check out the backyard. Chances are, I'll be napping in this.

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