Travel Korea this summer: "Small but powerful" tips you need to make the most meaningful trip!

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Although the summer's weather at the "Land of Kimchi" is not as favorable as the rest of the year's, traveling Korea in summer still can bring you great new experiences.

They often choose destinations such as beaches, islands, parks ... are places to help relieve the hot heat and enjoy exciting summer holidays with relatives and friends.

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For the most meaningful trip, especially for those who first set foot in Korea, here are some useful tips for you:

Where to go if only ...

1 week: If the tour is only a week long, the advice for you is to choose Seoul or Busan, especially if it is the first trip in kimchi country, Seoul is the perfect choice. The capital of Korea guarantees a wealth of interesting things that you should explore once in your life.

Travel Korea this summer: Small but powerful tips you need to make the most meaningful trip!

2 weeks: If it's a 2 week tour, then you have more time to explore Korea. Your schedule may be the first week in Seuol, the 2nd week in Busan, Gwangju or Jeju depending on what you want to experience. Busan is the largest port city in Korea and once surpassed Seoul and Tokyo to become the best tourist destination in Asia in 2018. It was named the summer capital of Korea. Every summer, people pull up beautiful beaches in Busan, the most famous of which is Haeundae Beach (Hai Van Dai).

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Meanwhile, Gwangju was dubbed the city of light with the expectation and belief of the people about the land of the south of the country will always shine. The most popular tourist spots here are Gwangju Art Road, Sajik Park, Gwangju Kimchi Town, ... In stark contrast to the noisy atmosphere of Seoul capital, which is Jeju Island. Covering this island is a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. Jeju is also dubbed the "paradise of love" in Korea.

Do not depend on Google Maps

In fact, South Korea does not like foreign companies so the government does not encourage people to use non-domestic products, which can be most evident on Google Maps. Google is not allowed to access Korean information to update the map and the last update is from 2009. Instead, you can use the KakaoMap app - this is the most popular route finder app at Korea, more specifically, it has an English interface for users. Another popular application is Naver Maps, but not as detailed as the Kakao application.

Fun spots in Korea in the summer

Nami Island: Nami Island is an island full of wonders, concerts are held each year with many musicians performing at the campsite. Guests can enjoy the talented voices of both famous and outstanding singers and beautiful natural landscapes around the island.

Travel Korea this summer: Small but powerful tips you need to make the most meaningful trip!

Lotte World entertainment area: Lotte World's huge dome allows visitors to visit recreational and entertainment facilities even when it is raining, so this is a favorite choice of thousands of tourists. Korean summer or rainy guests. The park is a great place for all ages, you can easily meet groups, families, and lovers in Lotte World. If you come to Korea cheaply this summer, you will be able to visit the Rio Samba masquerade festival, a special festival held only during the summer.

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Everland: This huge outdoor playground is open year-round. However, there is a special event that attracts the biggest crowds is the Summer Water Festival and the Amazing Summer Night - one of Everland's great seasonal festivals. During the event, visitors will wear raincoats and use a water spray gun to try to wet the person next to make the water splashing from all directions.

Gwangjang Market: As one of Seoul's leading traditional markets, Gwangjang Market attracts many visitors to enjoy traditional Korean flavors. When the sun goes down, this place grows a lot of pochangmacha food tents, where tourists can eat like Korean people, organize jeon and makkoli parties.

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