Top the hardest jobs in the world

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The most difficult work in the world is that the work requires high pressure and great stress. And not all trades with high pressure also get a high salary as desired.

More pressure, stress, or even danger to health and life are traits to talk about the many professions listed in the world's toughest professions. BREAK has listed out a list of the toughest trades in the world today, let's learn them.


Top the hardest jobs in the world
Source: Fair Observer

  Whether it's a radio player having to put the camera or writer facing the deadline, the fast pace, the need for maximum accuracy and the high publicity nature of the job makes this job boring.    From research, contest tracking, event participation, to ongoing demand to create content in the 24-hour news cycle, reporters can face a lot of stress, heavy workload, and multiple trips and long periods of time. Above all, this is a job of passion, not a huge salary. While the average salary of the newspaper reporters was about 43,000, the average salary of the broadcast news analyst was closer to about 62,000 dollars.

Pilots and aircraft engineers

Top the hardest jobs in the world
Source: My Next Move

When it comes to high paid hazardous jobs, this job deserves a high ranking. It is true that travel, aviation is one of the safest forms of transportation. However, not all pilots work for airlines. Most of the deaths in this profession are related to accidents that occur in other sectors of the aviation industry. Bush pilots (along with other commercial pilots) have particularly risky jobs since their planes are usually not maintained as well as aircraft controlled by aviation pilots. In addition, in their smaller planes, they often struggle more when the weather becomes hostile or when flying on rugged terrain. And many fatal accidents occurred during take-off and landing. ( Bush pilots do not usually have the benefit of using a runway or a prepared landing strip.)

The mortality rate of 64 people killed, 100,000 workers. Median paid annually $82,240 to commercial pilots; 140,340 USD for aviation pilots. 

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Top the hardest jobs in the world
Source: Njmonthly

The original painting sounds to be an easy task, but they have to climb to a high level of danger to get to the areas to draw. These conditions can lead to falls and injuries. Clumsy posture is performed while drawing adverse effects on the spine can lead to bone and muscle problems.

The painters earned an average salary of 37,960 dollars in 2017. The highest-paid 25% earned 49,920 dollars in that year, while 25% were paid the lowest earned 30,790 dollars.


Top the hardest jobs in the world
Source: The South African

Due to the peculiarity of the work, there are many factors that cause occupational stress in the firefighters. They must always "fight" 24/24 and both 7 days a week, 12 months of the year. This profession requires strong health, strong spiritual steel and a cooperative attitude by the firefighters must always work on the team.

Dealing with fires, finding the rescue agent for the victim is a mission, and it is a challenge directly related to the life of the firefighters. It is a danger to break into the fire. Not to mention the danger from fire, the smoke pressure, the toxic gases in the fire even the cement houses, reinforced steel can crash whenever.  

The average wage of Fire Fighter in the United States was 46,622 on 27 August 2019, but the range typically fell to about 34,967 dollars to 58,278 dollars.


Top the hardest jobs in the world
Source: Boston Herald

Police are one of the world's most famous professions of its dangers. Many situations of a fire, sudden accidents and more and more complicated, and increasingly sophisticated crimes with new tricks; The police is also faced with more dangerous life risks at any time.

To embark on this profession must be truly courageous people, dare to accept the risk and the danger to change. The average wage of this profession in the world fluctuates 29.45 dollars per hour or a wage of 61,270 dollars per year. (Metric in the United States)


Top the hardest jobs in the world
Source: Popsci

The mortality rate of an astronaut is about 7%. Knowing that you have a 7% chance to die, makes you think carefully before choosing this profession. A lot of things can be wrong when you are preparing to take off in a rocket. An extremely small mistake can cause the missile to explode, the oxygen can leak or simply you can get trapped in space forever.

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Close-up actor

Top the hardest jobs in the world
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The career of the stunts faced a lot of dangers from car collisions, wounds from props are guns, burns, cuts... When participating in adventure scenes. Not to mention that the film they participated in the closure is not carefully prepared, the higher the danger to the cascade. As a substitute, the cast is listed in 1 of the top 10 most dangerous professions in the world.

Depending on the roles and the remuneration level of the film production unit, there will be different levels of payment.

Experienced astronauts are able to earn a substantial annual salary of about 120,000 dollars per year.

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