Top science fiction film of the year 2019

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The science fiction film is a type of film that gives messages, summons some aliens and inserts social commentary. For decades, there have been no fewer science fiction series in the top of the year's favorite films.

Although the 2019 year has not yet ended yet we are still able to make a list of science fiction films that are doing the wind rain in today's film market.

Avengers: Endgame

Top science fiction film of the year 2019
Source: Cnet

  Like Infinity War, it's a whole movie. It also felt like a series of finals for a TV show that lasted a decade, accidentally playing on a screen larger than 22 super-sized episodes. Thus, it is a surprisingly satisfying conclusion, consisting of numerous bow and plot figures, including some we do not even realize the need for such a focus – unexpectedly, the film of Nebula is like Iron Man or Captain America.  

The Endgame will take place and where, both in the Marvel Cinema universe and against other superhero movies and comics, are unclear. The Avengers ' sequel is Hard to survive. However, this year, the experience sits for three hours, divided into three serious dramatic actions in mourning, exciting adventures with time-travel fan service, and a famous but extremely thrilling splash page of The climax, in particular, a sequel to the messy misery of Infinity War, was excellent.  

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Captain Marvel

Top science fiction film of the year 2019
Source: The Irish Times

  Set in 1990, Marvel Studios ' Captain Marvelous an all-new adventure from an unprecedented period in the history of the Marvel film universe following the journey of Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the most powerful heroes of the universe. While a galactic war between the two alien races to Earth, Danvers found themselves and a small office of the Allies at the center of the Matrix.  

In addition to all references in that decade, the film also gained impressions that felt like a duet of the action film of the year 90 and the spirit of independence of that era. It looked like a Marvel movie made by filmmakers from the Sundance film producer, and with the regular MCU DP Ben Davis, they gave us some of our favorite footage to date. Meanwhile, their script, written in Geneva Robertson-Dworet, has changed expectations, whether you are a comic book expert or a fan of ordinary superhero movies, and give us extraordinary feminine cohesion. It may have used more personality, but here, hopefully, there will be growth in many subsequent sections.

Alita: Battle Angel

Top science fiction film of the year 2019
Source: Reedy Dope

  Alita SCI-adventure: Battle Angel completes a three-week hike to the top of the official movie chart, defeating Captain Marvel in the second position in the process.   Based on a Manga character, the film, directed by Robert Rodriguez, tells the story of a machine that is reactivated on a mission to recall her previous life. The starring Rosa Salazar as a sensational role with a major supporting cast of Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Connelly, Alita reached the highest position after its release on disk.  

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Fast Color

Top science fiction film of the year 2019
Source: Wearyourvoicemag

  The concept of superhero movies is nothing new. Marvel and DC have removed the film after the film for over 10 years, hoping to achieve a billion-dollar success. However, both filmmakers did not give fans a substantial representation of women and people of color until Ryan Coogler's Black Panther. Julia Hart's new film, Fast Color, aims to change that with actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a superpower woman who is fleeing to the West, thus giving the audience something that no movie gives us right Now: Black women superpowers.  

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