Top places to visit in Finland: 6 best Finland tourist attractions

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Finland is a country located in Northern Europe famous for its "thousands of lakes". Nature has bestowed on this country extremely romantic and beautiful scenes.

Finnish tourism is now very developed and the number of tourists coming to this country is increasing. So, which are the most famous destinations in Finland?

6 best places to travel in Finland

1. Suomenlinna

Top places to visit in Finland: 6 best Finland tourist attractions

Suomenlinna, also known as "Finnish fortress", is located in the vicinity of Helsinki. The archipelago has 6 small islands adjacent to each other in the Baltic Sea, where the remaining fortresses and basements form a very unique tourist destination. In 1991, this work was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Tourists often come here to camp and relax on weekends or take part in adventure games such as skydiving, etc.

2. Lapland - the Santa's hometown 

The city of Lapland's white nights is an attractive and interesting tourist destination with the story of the "snow queen" of Andersen writer. This land is also the home of Santa Claus - Santa Claus. At Christmas, tourists from all over the world flock here to participate in activities at Christmas. The natural landscape here at Christmas is very splendid and beautiful, visitors are spoiled to admire the reindeer by the Christmas presents. What is equal to that, you will meet Santa Claus with flesh and blood, not from the story or on the screen anymore.

Top places to visit in Finland: 6 best Finland tourist attractions

The special thing that travelers always want once in their life is watching the white night in Finland. Since Finland is located at an intersection area, within 60 days the sun will never set, so you can watch the sun at midnight. When winter comes, the snow-covered dense Lapland you will once admire the "aurora" this is a very interesting part of the Finnish tour.

3. Nokia Town

Did you know that the home of the famous Nokia phone brand is in Finland? In ancient Finnish, "nokia" is a dark-haired mink that lives around the area, the skin of which is very convenient for making coats. The small and beautiful Nokia town is located on the peaceful and beautiful Nokianvirta river. Coming here, you can walk on the hillsides of Vihnusjarvi in ​​peaceful and gentle scenery. This is one of the very comfortable attractions when traveling to Finland

4. Joulutori Christmas Market

Top places to visit in Finland: 6 best Finland tourist attractions

At Christmas time in Finland, there is a famous Christmas market called Joulutori with thousands of Christmas items. This fair meets every year with extremely diverse and rich Christmas decorations. Here visitors will easily choose to buy a lot of unique souvenirs to give to friends and relatives.

5. Turku

Turku is a port city on the Baltic coast, this is the ideal destination of southwestern Finland. Many architectural works here have a long history. Visitors should visit the ancient churches to see the famous ancient architectural art of Europe in Finland.

Top places to visit in Finland: 6 best Finland tourist attractions

Turku is located on the important maritime route between Sweden and Finland, the gateway to more than 15,000 islands, large and small. Come to Turku once to see the ancient and harmonious beauty in harmony here. The city of Turku is a must-visit when traveling to Finland

6. Kuokkala church

Kuokkala Church is designed in a contemporary style and refined the basic criteria for the architecture of an ancient church. The east-west axis of the church embraces Kuokkala square, the center of Kuokkala district of the Jyväskylä region.

Top places to visit in Finland: 6 best Finland tourist attractions

The interior of the church is mainly made of wood. The ceiling of the church is made of wooden details woven in traditional wood details. The locally sourced spruce has been used throughout the church, from bearing structures to interior surfaces and fixtures. The interior of the church is finished with ashwood and the main altar is made of limewood - a type of wood used for traditional ceremonial articles. It is this speciality that many tourists visit Kuokkala church every year when traveling to Finland.

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