Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

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Australia is a wonderful country where you can find pieces of paradise. However, there are places that even the toughest explorer can hardly reach.

These sites in Australia could be a wildlife sanctuary, a military zone that prohibits entry, or simply a impenetrable geographical location. Let's find out about them!

Discover the beautiful places you cannot reach in Australia

Pine Gap

Although it is not a top secret area, no one knows exactly what the Australian military is doing at Pine Gap base.

Located 18km southwest of Alice Springs, Pine Gap is a joint base of Australia and the United States whose main task is a satellite tracking station. This is its "superficial" purpose, easily recognized by the giant radars. However, there are other military intelligence activities here, which are completely unknown.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

Unless you are stationed and working here, you will not be able to enter Pine Gap. Prohibition signs on the road leading to this military zone made this clear. Also do not think you can peek from above, this area is also a no-fly zone.

Heard Island

The Heard Island is a volcano located in an extremely remote location. The closest land to it is Antarctica, with distances up to 1,000km. Meanwhile mainland Australia is 4000km from the island.

At 2,750m, Mawson Peak on Heard Island is Australia's highest mountain. Remarkably, it is a still active volcano. The last eruption was in April 2013.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

In theory, you absolutely can visit this Australian tourist destination, but the schedule will be extremely complicated, complicated and tiring. You must first obtain a permit from the Australian Antarctic Territory regulator. Next was to convince a crew of men who were brave and brave enough to sail for 2 weeks through one of the most dangerous seas in the world.

In short, your ability to choose and be able to complete your trip to Heard Island is almost 0%.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

Lake Ranger Retention

This is the strongest candidate for the title "no-one-lake pool to bathe" and also why it is on the list of places in Australia that cannot be.

Ranger Retention is a lake located in Kakadu National Park. You should not bathe in this lake. Not even the tip of a toe.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

The reason is that the water in the lake is very polluted. It is where the water flows through the Uranium mine area called Ranger. Threatening you not only is a risk of heavy radiation exposure, but also from aggressive saltwater crocodiles that have long chosen to be home.

Heart Reef

On the list of unreachable places in Australia is a heart-shaped atoll in the middle of the open sea. It is not difficult to understand when it attracts worldwide attention. In Australia, Heart Reef has become an iconic landmark, featured in hundreds of thousands of marketing campaigns by travel agencies.

Ironically, in fact, no one can come to this Australian tourist destination. The local government simply turned it into a no-go zone, in order to protect it from human abuse.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

That means you can't land a helicopter on it, or sail near it. Even diving in the water around it is prohibited.

The ban also makes traveling near Heart Reef a meaningless thing. Because it is one of many locations around the world that worth only when viewed from above.

Cartier Island

A very special place in Australia, located in the area of ​​overlapping sovereignty between Indonesia and Australia. In fact it is closer to the Indonesian mainland than to Australian territory. Cartier Island is located at the meeting point of the Indian Ocean and Timor Sea. This is essentially an atoll with an area of ​​only 0.4ha. However, its importance comes from the 172-square-kilometer sea area surrounding it. The area is home to 16% of Australia's fish species.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

In order to get to this conservation area, you must be a Indonesian fisherman with a special license, or an Australian government expert responsible for patrolling around the island.

Albatross Island

One of the only three locations globally chosen by the albatross Shy Albatross. Therefore, access to this island is strictly prohibited. This is a measure of the Australian government, in order to create conditions for the above-mentioned birds to be able to mate and breed in completely peaceful and natural conditions.

Top destinations in Australia you may never be able to visit

However, every year there are adventurous and... stubborn tourists from around the world seeking to come to Albatross. To do this, they will need special permission from the Australian government, which is very rare. After that, they must pass a long journey on the rough sea.

For a normal traveler, you probably never get to the island.

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