Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

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London - The capital of the United Kingdom attracts visitors by the quiet, ancient atmosphere, yet it still has many restaurants, entertainment areas and modern areas.

If you have the opportunity to travel to London, do not miss the famous tourist destinations that Break introduces below.

Top 9 best places to visit in London 

1. Buckingham Palace

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

This is the most famous edifice of England, the most luxurious accommodation and working place of Queen Elizabeth II. The palace was first built as the Buckingham home for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705, the palace has been expanded over the centuries. Today, when traveling to London, this is one of the most visited places in the world. Buckingham Palace is located in Wesrminte, open to all visitors. You can catch a bus from London and St. James’s Park is the nearest subway station to the palace.

2. Palace of Westminster

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

Palace of Westminster is the forerunner of Parliament House, located on the North bank of the River Thames, in the City of Westminster, near the government buildings in Whitehall. As one of the most wonderful palace buildings in the world and with British tourists.

The oldest part of the palace building is the Westminster Hall, which still exists, dating from 1097. The original palace was the residence of the king but no king has been there since the 16th century. Most of the structure of the palace This palace was built in the 19th century when it was rebuilt after a fire almost burned down in 1834. The Westminster Palace has 1,100 rooms, the most important of which are the House of Representatives and the Senate. The entire palace architecture is designed in the style of Gothic revival architecture.

Talking about the Palace of Westminster, one could not help mentioning a particularly famous symbol that is The Big Ben Clock Tower. Big Ben was built after the Palace of Westminster burned down in 1834. In 1844, the Parliament House project consisted of a tower and a clock.

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3. Tower Bridge

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

London Tower Bridge across the Thames River is one of the symbols of the United Kingdom, completed in 1894. It is a construction of a suspension bridge with a lift bridge, allowing ships and boats to travel conveniently. on the River Thames. The sidewalk for pedestrians is 44 m from the river surface at the time of high water. Here visitors can admire London from above, and can learn about the history and operation of the bridge.

4. London Eye

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is a giant 135m observation wheel located on the banks of the River Thames. London Eye is currently the 4th largest rotation in the world but not in the top 20 tallest buildings in London. When standing on the highest point you can observe the whole of London. It will take you 30 minutes to go around the London Eye and it travels at a speed of 0.9 km / h.

A special feature of the London Eye compared to other revolutions around the world is that it has only one side supported. It consists of 32 cabins representing 32 districts of the city, however, the special thing is that it is numbered from 1 to 33 and there is no cabin 13 because this is an unlucky number. More than 5,000 people have been engaged on the London Eye and more than 500 weddings have been held here.

On paper, selfie sticks are allowed to be used at the London Eye, although they are banned at many other attractions such as the National Library of Arts and the Wembley Arena.

5. Primrose Hill

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

Instead of spending 600,000VND for a London Eye round trip just to see this city, come to Primrose Hill in the north of London and you will get the same thing without spending any money. any cost.

In the winter, if the snow is heavy, the gentle slopes of Primrose Hill become the ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities. Hundreds of people flock to Primrose Hill to play games like skiing, windsurfing ...

6. St. Church Paul

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

This is a famous Anglican cathedral in England. It has a huge synagogue located on Ludgate hill, the highest place in the city of London. The church was built in 1675-1720 and is famous for its unique baroque architecture and large area. This is one of London's most famous and recognizable attractions, with its characteristic domed architecture being one of the tallest domes in the world.

7. British Museum

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

Built in 1753, the British Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world and more specifically, you don't need a penny to get here. The museum is one of the research facilities and holds collections (more than 7 million artifacts on display) of the culture, history and development of mankind. The diverse samples on display include tools from ancient tribes on Earth, art masterpieces, the Sutton Hoo, the Lewis Chessmen chess set...

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8. Walkie-Talkie

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

Opened in 2015, this flower garden was built on the 20th floor of the Fenchurch building and is known as the "Walkie-Talkie". This is one of the best places to see all of London. Walkie-Talkie Sky Garden is free for visitors. In addition, the design of the extremely modern and advanced flower garden will give visitors a unique experience when coming here. Several restaurants and bars are also open here for guests.

9. Trafalgar Square

Top 9 places to visit in London you should not ignore

Trafalgar Square is located in Westminster, the heart of London. With classic architectural style, works showing patriotism, Trafalgar Square is considered the heart of London, England. The square was built in the 1830s and 1840s according to the design of architect Sir Charles Barry. Trafalgar Square is the epitome of classic architectural style, surrounded by blocks of white facade. In the center of Trafalgar is the Nelson column, protected by four surrounding lion statues, located at the base of the column.

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