Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

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Coming to Michigan, you have the opportunity to visit places with beautiful scenery where you can relax through activities such as walking, boating, camping, hunting...

Michigan is a northeastern state of the United States, named after Lake Michigan, originating from the Ojibwe word "mishigami" which means "large lake". Here, nature has bestowed Michigan many large and beautiful natural lakes as well as many other beautiful landscapes. With these advantages, Michigan has been voted as one of the 10 most beautiful states in the United States. Whether you are in Michigan or coming to this part of the world, you certainly won't want to miss out on the great places below.

Top 9 tourist attractions in Michigan

1. Lake Michigan

Of course, this is the first place to visit in Michigan. Thanks to the cool, blue water and the beautiful natural surroundings, Lake Michigan has become an attractive tourist destination. Boat trips here are extremely fun. Lake Michigan is increasingly developing water tourism. Currently, tours around the lake and boat trips are being developed.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

Lake Michigan also has many beautiful beaches. The beaches of the west coast and the east coast are attractive vacation spots, where there are rocks and some sandy beaches. Besides, Lake Michigan is a mysterious place containing hundreds of shipwrecks at the bottom of the lake, many of which have not been discovered until now. There are many species of fish living in the lake such as salmon, yellow perch, and largemouth bass... 

2. South Haven

South Haven is a dreamy beach town an hour west of Kalamazoo. In South Haven, you will find small eateries, several hotels, boat and boat clubs, and lots of real estate for rent. Plus, South Haven takes pride in things such as restaurants, large businesses, and shopping malls, as well as open-air supermarkets that is full of gift shops and specialties. After shopping, you can dine at Clementine restaurant, or wander down to North Beach and visit the century-old lighthouse at South Pier.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

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3. Muskegon

As one of the largest cities along Lake Michigan, Muskegon has up to 26 miles of sandy beaches. Like many cities around the Big Dipper, the Muskegon area also has many historic lighthouses, which are destinations for many state parks, such as PJHofmaster State Park, where you have lots of recreational activities like camping, hiking, skiing ...

Besides, the city also has many interesting historical attractions - including the Hackley and Hume ruins, combining the manor buildings built by one of Michigan's wealthiest lords in the past. Plus, from summer to spring, the Frauenthal Theater takes you to the profound Broadway symphony. Finally, Michigan's largest amusement park, Michigan Adventure, is just a few miles outside Muskegon and there are more than 53 types of fun including: roller coasters, karts, water parks, rafting, and parks. children's play area ...

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

4. Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and the 10th largest in the United States. Founded in 1701, Detroit has many nicknames such as: Renaissance City, Motorcycle City, Hockey Town, or simply "the D". The city has activities for people like: casino, museum, entertainment ... Besides, Detroit is one of the few places you can go to Canada at a glance. And in Dearborn outside Detroit, there is the Henry Ford museum, and the Green field village. If you're interested in the auto industry, you can't help but visit the Ford Rouge factory, located on your way to museums and villages.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

5. Kalamazoo

Located in the middle of Detroit and Chicago, Kalamazoo is home to rich cultural activities, vibrant nightlife, arts and entertainment of all kinds. In addition, the Kalamazoo Art Institute organizes extensive tourism exhibitions. In addition, south of Kalamazoo, in Portage, is the Air zoo, which displays a wide range of aircraft of all types, from ancient airplanes to direct and modern airplanes.

For those who are more active, the Kalamazoo-Portage area has plenty of parks with walkways and rides, a children's playground, an entertainment and family area. Kayaking and canoeing are also available at river and creek parks. Kalamazoo is also famous for its restaurant, canned food, and wine, as well as local products

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

6. Paw Paw

The small village is located south of the Paw Paw River, on Interstate 94 about 20 miles (32km) west of Kalamazoo. This is a region famous for the viticulture, used throughout the Michigan wine industry, juice and jelly. On the weekend after the annual labor day, Paw Paw has an additional wine festival with beer tents, a stage, live music and a grape-tasting grape competition among locals. along with food and fireworks display on Maple Lake.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

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7. Isle Royale

As the largest island in Lake Superior and the second largest in Michigan, Royale Island and nearly 450 surrounding islets create Royale National Park since the 1930s. With no one settlers on the island, Royale Island has more than 200 miles square jungle, crystal clear water, and rich fauna. Especially the strange relationship between elk and wolf on the island has been studied by ecologists for many years. Besides fish, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. Visiting the island, you can go for a walk, fish, sail, kayak, or simply take in the beauty of nature.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

8. Frankenmuth

The home of the largest Christmas store in the world (Bronner Christmas Wonderland), Frankenmuth is an ancient town with an age of over 1.5 century. This is a German name, and likewise, the majority of the townspeople are Duc people

Frankenmuth is located in the east of the state, and is also known as the thumb zone, which means it is located near many larger cities like Saginaw, Flint, and Bay City. One of the largest cities in Michigan, Detroit, is only 90 miles from Frankenmuth. Because of that, Frankenmuth is an ideal place for day trips.

So, what do you do when you come to Frankenmuth? Besides Bronner Chistmas Wonderland, you can't help but dine at Zehnder’s restaurant. Famous for heirloom chicken, this is the largest family restaurant in the US, can serve up to 1,500 guests at a time. Each year the restaurant serves up to 1,000,000 customers - an impressive number and confirms the excellent quality of this restaurant.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

9. Mackinac Island

And finally: Machkinac Island - the land of paradise includes what is most characteristic of Michigan. Mackinac is like a natural park of America. This comes from the absence of any cars on the island: vehicles including horses, chariots, bicycles and your own feet. Even fire engines, ambulances, and street sanitation vehicles are pulled by horses. Therefore, you will feel wistful when you arrive at Mackinac Island - the island will take you back in time before the civilization of the car was noisy and dusty.

Top 9 best places to visit in Michigan

More than 80% of the 3.8 square miles on the island belongs to Mackinac Island State Park, including landscapes, sidewalks, and rides. When visiting Mackinac, remember to take a bike tour around the island. Along the way, you'll find rock formations, landscapes, picnic areas, beaches, and unique paths leading into the island's interior. You should also take time to stroll along the main road, visit the shops, and eat some fudge. And the most important thing is to relax while you are here - enjoy all that the island has to offer and leave the stresses of life behind.

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