Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

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Canada is a great country with many of the world's famous landscapes.

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. If you have the opportunity to travel Canada, do not forget the 9 Canadian tourist destinations that Break shares below.

9 Most beautiful places in Canada

Canadian Rockies

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

If you are a person who loves the experience of climbing the high mountains of the world, Rockies is a perfect choice. The Canadian Rockies range of Western Canada in British Columbia and Alberta is one of the best Canada's tourist attractions for professional climbers. The highest point of this mountain range is 3,954m and its system of glaciers, lakes, canyons, waterfalls and caves has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. With its high altitude and beautiful views, a lot of visitors come here every year, whether in winter or summer.

Vancouver island

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

The natural beauty and peaceful blue waves of the coast make Vancouver the most attractive North American travel destination. With an area of ​​31,285km2, Vancouver consists of caves, primeval forests along with rivers and lakes and stretching beaches. This is truly a paradise for you to fish, watch the whales, play golf and also visit fruit gardens or fields.

Lake Louise

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

Clear blue water, surrounded by majestic mountains, has created the natural beauty of Lake Louise. If you come here, you can go rowing in summer or go skiing on the frozen lake in winter.

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Churchill, Manitoba

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

A small seaside town in Hudson Bay in Canada, Churchill was home to polar bears when autumn came. If you travel here, you will have the opportunity to observe the great polar bears with specially designed vehicles that are extremely safe. This is an ideal Canadian tourist destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the wild beauty of nature.

Nova Scotia

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

As an isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia is considered a "paradise on earth" because of the special features of this island. Coming to Nova Scotia, you will admire the poetic rivers of luxurious resorts or beautiful beaches on the east coast of Canada. You can travel to Nova Scotia in all seasons, because it has created a tourist area with adventure, adventure, camping and relaxation. This is also an impressive Canadian tourist destination that you should not miss.

Niagara Falls

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

With white silver waterfall, although not as high as Angel Falls or Victoria's width, Niagara Falls is still the most famous waterfall in the world. It is the uniqueness of the white water columns that straight down that makes this place a unique Canadian tourist destination. Many adventurous travelers have chosen this place to make spectacular boat trips.

Toronto - The largest city in Canada

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

Toronto is Canada's largest city and also the capital of the province of Ontario. Located in southeastern Canada, extending from the northern shore of Lake Ontario to the eastern end of Great Lake. Toronto is a multicultural, ethnic, artistic city and is considered one of the safest cities in North America. The city is famous for skyscrapers, the University of Toronto, the great soccer and ice ball teams, and the tallest CN tower in the world.

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Fundy Bay

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

The bay is located between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the east coast of North America. Fundy Bay is a world famous Canadian landmark with the uniqueness of the planet's highest tide. When the tide rises, the sea level will rise 16.2 m, estimated at 100 billion tons of seawater equivalent to the flow of freshwater rivers in the world combined. Visiting the bay, visitors will witness the breathtaking beauty of the nature there. Therefore, this place has become a very impressive and unique Canadian tourist destination.

Quebec - The oldest city in Canada

Top 9 best places to visit in Canada

It is an ancient architectural treasure and a museum to keep historical evidence of colonial Europe for a long time. Quebec today still preserves intact the cultural and spiritual values ​​of the earliest communities in America. And this place became one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1985. Quebec is also a Canadian tourist destination that attracts tourists to visit and learn about culture.

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