Top 8 smartest animals in the world

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Some animals are very intelligent. They may even trick us multiple times.

Undeniably, humans are the smartest species in the world with the ability to speak, think and analyze. Animals are also intelligent, and although their brains are not comparable to humans, they are truly capable of doing many things perfectly. Here is a list of the 8 smartest animals in the world.

What is the smartest animal in the world?

1. Chimpanzee

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

Chimpanzees are similar to humans not only in appearance but also in behavior. Therefore, besides humans, they are the smartest animals on the planet. They can use tools in the forest to search for food or socialize with other people. If chimps are properly trained, they can even learn human language.

2. Parrot

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

Parrots are native to subtropical and tropical regions. You've probably seen parrots imitate words and talk, and this clearly shows how smart they are. Parrots can easily learn almost anything humans teach or often say in front of them. They like to eat seeds, buds, fruits and nuts, and they can solve a variety of complex problems.

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3. Mouse

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

The ability to think about thinking is called metacognition, and a few years ago scientists discovered that mice, like humans, were able to make decisions based on what they knew or did not know. In addition, studies have shown that mice have sad blood, are self-conscious, and even dream like humans. Rats raised as pets have a close relationship with the owner. They can learn the name of the owner, even know how to beg to get out of the cage when they want to play with the owner.

4. Raven

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

The brain size of a crow is nearly the size of a human thumb, quite large compared to the body size. This helps them solve many complex problems and they also have good memory. According to scientists, crows have the ability to remember and recognize human faces. Different parts of a raven's brain begin to light up when they see humans and find out if they're friendly. Raven is also the world's top gambler, loves playing pranks with other animals, typically humans. So next time you want to scare off a crow, remember that they will remember your face!

5. Dolphin

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

Have you ever wondered why dolphins and whales are so popular in most aquariums? That's because they are smarter than most other creatures on the planet. Bottlenose dolphins have the largest brain in the entire animal kingdom. They can help people solve many mysteries with the ocean. They can even express different emotions like joys and sorrows. Even when dolphins sleep, only one part of the brain sleeps and the rest remain active to protect against any threats from the external environment.

6. Octopus

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

Octopuses are invertebrates and according to some studies, they are excellent hunters and take advantage of the brain when hunting. They also know how to use many strategies to protect themselves from predators. When discovered by others, they spit out strange black colors and change their body shape.

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7. Pigs

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

Pigs are native to Africa and Europe. Many studies have proven that they are one of the smartest and most social animals in the world. Between humans and pigs, there are some similarities as they can eat almost all the food that humans eat. This is probably also why they are used for many medical purposes. Many studies prove that pigs are as smart as a 3-year-old child. They use 20 types of sounds for communication purposes and never forget their home.

8. Dogs

Dogs are human's best friend and super smart. They can learn many different actions and repeat them on command. They can understand people's emotions easily - when they are sad, happy and angry. Dogs are so smart that they can even act in a certain way to appease their owners when they are angry and pampered.

Top 8 smartest animals in the world

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