Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

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If you have the opportunity to travel in America, don't miss these extraordinary landmarks!

The famous British travel website - Condé Nast Traveler has picked the 8 tourist attractions below as the most beautiful places in America!

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

Antelope Gorge, Arizona

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

Antelope Gorge is a sculpture hand-made by nature. Possessing narrow and deep gorges, the Antelope Gorge is made up of 2 cliffs with mysterious, unique shapes with many different geological layers, mainly sandstone and limestone.

Crater National Park, Oregon

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

Crater National Park is one of the largest national parks in the United States, located here is the famous Crater Lake with charming beauty. Crater Lake is also famous for being the deepest lake in America and one of the deepest in the world. Not only does it surprise visitors with the beauty of the blue lake, the national park is also very diverse in terms of landscape with volcanic peaks: Mount Mazama, Mount Hillman and Llao, one of the ideal locations for mountaineering tourists to admire.

Niagara Falls

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

Niagara Falls is actually a complex of three waterfalls: America, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe. The waterfall is named after the river Niagara, which leads water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, located in the famous Great Lakes system of North America. Niagara has a very unique beauty thanks to the combination of wildness of waterfalls and the process of modernization and urbanization in the surrounding tourist areas. In addition, when coming to Niagara, you should visit some places such as the Gorge trail along the Niagara River, Rainbow Bridge, Tesla statue ... You can also go to Highlander Inn or Tabletop to buy souvenirs.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

The color of the hot spring is as vivid as a colorful picture - orange, red, yellow green or blue are all available. The special thing is, although the water temperature in the lake is too hot, which is why no organisms can live in the water, the banks of the lake is so cool, so microorganisms can still grow well.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

Golden Gate Bridge is like a serene strip of silk stretching across San Francisco Bay. Earlier, the only way to travel between San Francisco and Marin County was by boat. There are no fixed roads connecting these two lands, it is thought that it is impossible to build a construction amid the gulf channel with strong tides and frequent earthquakes. But in 1916, the idea of building this bridge began to grow by a passionate young engineer - James Wilkins.

Over 80 years of history, Golden Gate Bridge was born and became the wonder and admiration of the world. The amazing thing that many travelers are surprised with it is that it can withstand earthquakes of up to 8 Richter, and the cables of the bridge are long enough to wrap around the Earth three times! San Francisco residents say that the bridge is the soul and symbol of their city.

Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness , New Mexico

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

This conservation area contains ancient relics such as dinosaur bones, fossil wood... Besides, there are multi-shaped stone blocks shaped like chimneys, mushrooms. This is also a feature that attracts tourists to the nature reserve, besides the urge to learn about the relics.

The Morgan Library & Museum, New York

Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

This place was established in the early 20th century. It is a place to store rare directories such as manuscripts of great writers Walter Scott, Honoré de Balzac... or works of famous artists through many era like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphae, Dürer, Picasso ... Visitors here will easily come across the image of copper bookshelves inlaid with 3 floors.

Big Sur

  1. Top 8 picturesque landmarks in the United States

Big Sur is a great meeting point between the land and the water. Coming to this place, you will have the opportunity to go camping or picnicking in the redwood forest or enjoying the impressive waterfalls and coastal cliffs.

If you choose Big Sur as a destination, you can stop by Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park on the California coast, watching Big Sur Valley, Big Sur River and the Pacific Ocean. The ecosystem here is also very rich and diverse, suitable for those who love nature and love to explore and explore. You can easily observe wildlife, such as panda, black tailed deer, skunk or many different birds.

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