Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

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Taking part in Muay Thai classes, Thai cooking classes or enjoying hot stone massages are great experiences that visitors should not miss in Bangkok.

When traveling to Bangkok, many people just gaze at the magnificent temple buildings, or immerse themselves in the nightlife at the majestic venues, but there are also many other great experiences that are worth a try, such as Muay Thai classes, Thai cooking classes or hot stone massages... Although these experiences are not really something new, it will surely make visitors excited.

8 best experiences you should try in Bangkok, Thailand

Join Thai cooking classes

Thai cuisine is famous for its characteristic spices and sophisticated way of processing. There are many ways for you to learn more and more deeply about the cuisine of this country, besides enjoying traditional Thai dishes, you can also join cooking classes here. 

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

Especially, when attending cooking classes in Bangkok, you will be taken to the most famous flower market in the city where local ingredients are sold and learn to cook famous dishes such as Pad Thai, red curry or Miang khum (salad) with famous experts in the field of cuisine.

Join Muay Thai class for beginners

In a nutshell, Muay Thai is Thai boxing. This is an unlimited contact sport and you can use parts of your body to deal damage to the opponent.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

If you like thrills and want to participate in sweaty experiences, the Muay Thai class is definitely for you. Although this class only lasts for 1 hour, it provides you with all the basics of Thai boxing. In addition, you will also be taught by Muay Thai fighters how to defeat opponents by punching, kicking, intercepting with one or both elbows.

Surfing at Flow House Bangkok

Many tourists complain that Bangkok, Thailand has no beach. However, the Thai capital has Flow House Bangkok - a beautiful inner-city beach club that is as cool and attractive as any natural beach.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

Especially, at Flow House Bangkok, there is a private pool with waves for you to surf early and late afternoon without leaving the city. In addition, you can also come here just to lie on the cool water and enjoy a variety of drinks and snacks.

Experience a hot stone spa 

90 minutes of hot lava stone massage experience in Bangkok Thailand promises to bring you a sense of novelty, comfort and relief. The unique feature of spa treatments is the use of heat from lava rocks to soothe your body.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

In addition, when you are massaged, the gentle aroma of the stones will gently crept into your skin, combined with the heat from the pitted balls will help you dispel the fatigue and stress after a day. long maneuvering and moving.

Experience over 170 virtual reality games in Bangkok

If real-life sights and games in Bangkok Thailand are not attractive enough, try to experience a new feeling through the simulated games at VR1.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

There are more than 170 virtual reality games installed in a spacious space for players to immerse themselves in the role. In addition, you are also free to shoot, punch or fly your own way in the most modern environment in the city.

Attend Thai flower arranging workshop

When traveling to Bangkok, you will see flowers blooming everywhere. The flowers you may not know the name bloom on the large trees in the park, next to the small houses in the quiet alley and even in the ancient temples. In particular, if you join the Thai flower arranging art workshop held in Bangkok, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the art of flower arrangement, experience how to make Thai wreaths and how to "market" art. local people's talent.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

And of course, no one traveling Thailand in general as well as visitors to Bangkok in particular can ignore the brilliant beauty of Pak Khlonng Talad - Bangkok's most famous flower market. Just arrived at the market gate, you will be amazed at the colorful beauty at the entrance. Thousands of beautiful little flowers spill out the way, giving off a sweet aroma as inviting buyers.

Learn fruit carving with local artisans

Many people believe that pruning art tubers requires meticulous, ingenious and only suitable for those who have hand flowers. But believe it, just after this trip to Bangkok, you were able to show off your fruit pruning at dinner parties with friends.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

In fact, the art of cutting fruits is a long-standing tradition of the Thai people. Therefore, when you join this class with local artisans, you will learn a lot of experience in the profession and confidently carve everything from watermelons to pruning other complex flowers.

Learn about Buddhism at Wat Mahathat

It can be said that Buddhism shapes the lifestyle of Thai people. Because more than 93 percent of Thailand's population is Buddhist. And the city of Bangkok boasts many of the oldest temples in the country of golden temples.

Top 8 must-try experiences when traveling Bangkok, Thailand

If you are looking to learn about the art and skills of Buddhist meditation, the tourist destination in Bangkok not to be missed is the temple next to the Grand Palace at Wat Mahathat. At this point, you will be guided by a Buddhist monk as well as share helpful knowledge about meditation. This experience will help you find peace of mind and know what Buddhist meditation is.

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