Top 8 most popular pets in the world

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A good pet is a friend everyone deserves.

Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets ever. However, more and more animals are being domesticated and become cute pets.

Top 8 most popular pets in the world


Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Cats are animals that have been close to humans for at least 9,500 years, and they are now the most popular pet in the world.

For those with limited time, cats are a much better choice than dogs. Cats do not need to go out to do much exercise, eat very little, clean and easy to train... Most cats are also very suitable for small rooms or apartments in the city. The Western cats are very popular, the most famous are the Persian, Exotic, British long-haired, British short-haired, Siamese, Russian, Ankara...


Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Do you know? Dogs are actually the first animal to be domesticated and have been bred for thousands of years. Being a pet? Housekeeping? The dog can help you a lot.

Although no longer occupy a unique position, dogs are still the most popular pet breed in the world today. There are over 500 dog breeds that are accredited by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). The very popular Western dog breeds are Poodle, German Shepherd, Pit bull, Bulldog... 

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Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Birds are also one of the favorite pets of many people. There are many types of birds. If you don't want to be expensive, feed parrots or flutes and teach them to babble all day. There are also many types of expensive and hard-to-play pets like eagles, canaries ... If from passion you must also spend quite a bit of money to invest in them.


Top 8 most popular pets in the world

In the past, rabbits were considered to be hairs and were kept only in barns for meat. Rabbits are now considered to be domestic cats like cats and always attract people's attention with their bold attitude. Once raised in the house, they are not shy at all. In addition, their soft fur and innocent faces are also weapons to beat the weak lotuses.


Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Hamsters are flexible, like to run, live at night and are not picky eaters. Hamsters are very clean and need to be kept in a cage. They are as small as your fist and very shy, if you have them for a long time they will be more friendly.


Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Because of its attraction, raising fish is a hobby, a passion of a lot of people. At any age, aquarium fish can easily conquer the hearts of those who are fascinated by their beauty. The popular aquarium fish today such as arowana, gourami, sea bream, koi...

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Ground squirrel

Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Ground squirrels are species that are easy to adapt to many environment. They have average weight, easy to breed, easy to raise, and their price is not too high. Ground squirrels are inherently omnivorous, in addition to eating fruits and seeds, they also attack rodents and reptiles such as snakes. Ground squirrels have very good resistance to poison, so they are not afraid of venomous snakes, and can kill poisonous snakes like rattlesnakes and king cobras.


Top 8 most popular pets in the world

Currently the South American Dragon is attracting the attention of many young people because of its uniqueness. Moreover, they are very flexible pets that can fall from a height of 15m to the ground without being injured. Their life expectancy is also quite high - a South American Dragon can live from 15 to 20 years. With a calm and gentle characteristics (they eat only fruits and vegetables), a South American dragon is completely harmless.

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