Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before it's too late

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Gelato ice cream, pasta, or old Vespa cars - what is the best "specialty" of Italy? Or are all hot enough for you to decide to travel to Italy right away?

In the past, Italy was just a boot-shaped peninsula with many separate territories: the kingdom of Sardinia, the territory of the Pope and the land of Tuscany. It was not until 1871 that these territories merged and became a unified Italy as it is today.

Although it was not born long, Italy has known how to make a mark in the hearts of visitors with its own specialties. These could be very interesting Italian melodies, typical dishes or masterpieces from the Renaissance... And here are 7 of those "specialties".

7 things that will make you want to travel to Italy right away

1. Pizza

Perhaps, the first "specialty" that made the Italian brand was Pizza. Therefore, every time you travel to Italy, do not forget to enjoy the freshly baked Pizza. The edges are crispy but soft in the middle, thanks to a layer of fresh cheese, covered with slices of red pepperoni and thinly sliced ​​olives.

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

It is interesting to note that eating an authentic Italian Pizza is not in a luxurious restaurant but sitting down on a bridge, by a peaceful canal with old houses leaning over and biting into pieces of bread wrapped in a simple layer of brown paper.

2. Pasta

Pasta (spaghetti) is the next dish to be listed in the country's "national spirit" list of boots. The pasta dishes here are often scattered with light yellow noodles, fresh, looking delicious.

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

Just by eating the first piece, you can feel the crispy noodles in your mouth, the slight smell of eggs. Pasta Italian pasta served with light pink peeled shrimp mixed with green sauce and sprinkled with green zucchini is delicious. If you have the opportunity to explore beautiful Italy, do not forget to enjoy this impressive specialty.

3. Gelato ice cream

Perhaps it will be a great mistake if you mention the "specialties" that make the Italian brand but ignore Gelato - the cool, greasy ice cream that is famous all over the world. Italian tourists eat ice cream so much that some souvenir shops have to hang signs saying "Please do not eat ice cream when coming here". 

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

Spend a day wandering this beautiful country, and you won't be able to stop yourself from eating many ice cream cones bought from parlors everywhere in the cities, with a series of flavors: crema fiorentina, pistachio, vanilla... Just a bite of a crispy cone with a thick layer of cream, greasy, sweetness left in the neck, really cool to the hot summer days in Italy.

4. Fashion

Say no more, Italy is the cradle of the world fashion industry. Although the first international fashion show was held in Florence in 1951, Milan is the country's fashion capital.

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

The city is home to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the "headquarters" for all the most luxurious and luxurious brands in the world. The shopping center building is so tall and its feet tired. The dome on the head is arrogant, the bricks under the feet are bright. These are Versace, Prada, Armani, Breil, Gucci, Dolce e Gabbana, Ferragamo, Furla... of Italian stylists, these are Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent... of France, and also many other brands of all nationalities.

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

Especially, every October, many journalists, businessmen and artists flock to Milan to see the collections introduced and sold at this Galleria.

5. Art

It is undeniable that Italy has made tremendous contributions to world art. Typically the famous works of Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Caravaggio or Bernini...

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

And of course, not only is it limited to famous paintings or sculptures, Italy is also home to the largest number of art masterpieces in the world. Especially in Rome, art treasures are displayed everywhere in the streets, in squares, in water tanks and even with each brick paving the road. Many works considered to be very exemplary of Renaissance sculptures and architecture are scattered throughout the caves and alleys here.

6. Vespa

Like the yellow taxis in New York (USA) or red double-decker buses in London (UK), the old Vespa has become the symbol of the Italian brand.

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

The first Vespa was produced in 1946. Later celebrities such as Gregory Peck or Audrey Hepburn performed this sexy scooter during the Roman and Anita Ekberg festivals at La Dolce Vita. Gradually, Vespa became a featured image reminiscent of Italy. To date, more than 18 million Vespa models have been sold worldwide.

7. Cars

Apart from the charming Vespa, Italy is also the place that produces many of the most luxurious cars in the world, such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lamborghini or Maserati.

Top 7 reasons to travel to Italy: Go before its too late

The standard, proprietary and genuine car production technology of Italy makes many investors in the world crave. For example, Ferrari was born in 1939 and is now the gold brand in the automobile industry in the world. In 2012 alone, the company sold 8,000 luxury cars and earned a profit of 537 million euros. Thanks to this, the car has also become one of the "specialties" that make up the country's brand of boots, making it difficult to forget to travel to Italy on the to-do list before it's too late.

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