Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

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Have you ever heard of the terrible monsters in Greek myth? Let's see their faces with Break!

The mysterious and colorful world in Greek mythology not only has the story of the victories of the heroes, the gods but also has a lot of scary and mysterious things about the monsters. Let's Break learn 10 monsters "famous" in Greek myth.

Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth


Typhon is a monster in Greek mythology. Typhon is said to be a large creature with the strangest shape ever known: his body with hundreds of different snake tails and the fire of his eyes makes every creature must have horrified to see.

Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

Typhon conspires to overthrow Zeus to become the King of gods and humans. After the cosmic-scale battles, Zeus crushed Typhon with thunder and thunder in the Etna volcano, from which he was imprisoned forever but continued to spit fire with the desire to get revenge. Dubbed the "Father of monsters", Typhon is said to have caused the earthquakes and volcanoes to retaliate against Zeus.


Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

A child of Typhon, Hydra is described as having the shape of a giant snake with many heads. Its blood contained toxins and its breath smelled so badly it could kill. Greek literature and poetry have repeatedly mentioned the Hydra monster with different versions. But the most famous story is the story of the monster Hydra was defeated by the hero Hercules. This Hydra monster is known as "Hydra of Lerna" because it lives in a swamp in Lernaean, Greece.

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Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

Charybdis is a monster that specializes in sucking sea water into the mouth and spewing whirlpools, harming civilians. Charybdis is the daughter of the sea god Poseidon and the earth goddess Gaia. Charybdis is described as having a big face, always having to drink a large amount of sea water every day. When this monster burps will create whirlpools.

The story of Charybdis is associated with the difficult journey of the Messina Strait of King Odysseus of Ithaca. In the middle of the giant whirlpool Charybdis and the Scylla multi-headed snake monster, Odysseus has used its intelligence to balance the ship's direction, successfully crossing the strait.


Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

In Greek mythology, Cerberus is Hades's three-headed hound with a serpent tail, the animal guarding the gates of hell. Even though he had to look after hell, Cerberus still wished to have a human head. This proves that Cerberus has a lot of humanity, not completely animals.


Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

Cyclops are famous mythological monsters with faces with only one eye. In the shape of a giant, hairy chimpanzee, Cyclops is considered to be the weapon of Zeus, helping him to overthrow the rule of Cronus - one of the 12 Titans of Titan. In fact, Cyclops also produces weapons for other gods such as the trident of the sea god Poseidon, the god of the goddess Artemis and the dark hat of Hades.


Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

Legend has it that mermaids are creatures with half-human and half-bird bodies and very beautiful voices. Once, Goddess Hera organized a singing contest between Siren mermaid and 9 Muses goddesses - the goddesses of music who were the children of Zeus and the god of Mnemosyne.

Unfortunately, Siren mermaids have lost and their feathers have been cleaned by the Muses to make clothes as a spoil. With no feathers left, the Sirens could no longer fly and the lower part gradually turned into fish tails. Legend has it that if the sailors refused Siren's love, they would be in very bad luck. When Siren was injured, the crew will also encounter a series of bad luck. However, mermaids are still considered gentle creatures in myth and nature.

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Top 7 most feared monsters in Greek myth

In Greek mythology, Medusa is an extremely fierce demon. According to legend, Medusa was once a beautiful woman with extremely voluptuous hair. So Medusa was complacent that she was prettier than the goddess Athena. The beauty of Medusa attracted Poseidon. When Poseidon pursued, Medusa ran to the Temple of Athena and thought that here, she would be protected by the goddess. But even if she begged Athena, Medusa could not escape Poseidon's hands.

Afterwards, Athena turned Medusa into a female demon capable of petrifying anyone who looked into those deadly eyes, turning her beautiful hair into a solid body, Medusa's hands made of copper, nails sharper than knives. Since then, Medusa has become a terrible demon, no one dared to approach Medusa. But one thing special is that Medusa never harms women.

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