Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

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To be able to admire the panorama of Thailand, as well as the skyline in the city center, you should visit the following bars.

Most of these bars in Thailand are on the rooftops, providing you a clear and beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

7 best bars to behold the beauty of Thailand

Woobar - W Koh Samui Resort

Woobar attracts visitors not only with a modern poolside design, stylish seats, but from here you can see the 270-degree panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand and the surrounding hillside. Woobar Resort deserves to be one of the beautiful view bars in Thailand.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

During the day, Woobar serves light snacks and refreshing drinks. But when the sunset falls below the horizon and the night begins, Woobar becomes a vibrant relaxing place with shimmer and lively sound. Visitors here will be able to enjoy the bustling nightlife in Koh Samui to the fullest.

Diavolo - Paresa Resort Phuket

Diavolo has stunning panoramic views of 270 degrees off the Andaman Sea. Therefore, this is definitely an attractive place for sunset lovers. The beautiful Diavolo restaurant and bar serves a modern menu of Mediterranean dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. With fresh seafood, unique cocktails and great service, Diavolo is sure to bring the most relaxing moments before the spectacular sunset.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

Air Bar - InterContinental Resort Koh Samui

Named in the New York Times bestseller, the Air Bar is one of 1,000 places to visit during your lifetime. The Air Bar at InterContinental Samui Hotel is a top destination to enjoy the lively atmosphere in Koh Samui. Perched atop cliffs, the Air Bar is adorned with a breathtaking 180-degree view of the Gulf of Thailand with the Five Islands. Enjoy special cocktails, tapas at sunset in melodious saxophone sound is an unforgettable experience.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub - Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villa

"This is the life I've dreamed of!" - That's what Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub guests say after enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and wonderful sunset of Kamala Bay on the top floor of Cape Sienna Phuket overlooks the Andaman Sea. Nice view bar in Thailand Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub serves special cocktails, cold Belgian beer, delicious tapas, and modern and attractive Gastro Pub dishes.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

Sky Bar - Lebua Hotel Bangkok

Located on the 64th floor of Lebua State Tower, the Sky Bar has an incredible height - the third highest in bars in Thailand and an iconic golden dome with a unique structure. The enchanting scenery from the bar is the skyscrapers separated by the majestic Chao Phraya River that will make you speechless. In particular, drinks at the bar are plentiful and never disappoint.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

Baba Nest- Sri Panwa Phuket

Baba Nest Bar located at Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular view bars in Thailand on the world's most spectacular rooftop. Bar surrounded by infinity pools with special decorations, Baba Nest makes visitors feel like they're floating on the ocean surface. Standing at the bar, looking far away, visitors will be amazed at the beauty of the sparkling Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay. Enjoying the beautiful sunset over the ocean with an Asian-style cocktail will be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to Thailand.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

KEE Sky Lounge - KEE Phuket Resort & Spa

KEE Sky Lounge is the restaurant and rooftop bar of KEE Resort Phuket. Although located in the busiest area of ​​Patong, the bar still has a cozy atmosphere with classical jazz and soothing Brazilian music. If the 6th floor has a small oval bar that serves tourists primarily for food, then the 7th floor is more prominent. It is a lively bar, overlooking the Andaman Sea. You can lie back on a luxurious sofa with a cocktail and enjoy the sunset.

Top 7 bars with the best view in Thailand

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