Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

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Italy is an ideal tourist destination with wealthy cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. There are beautiful islands that are still unknown to many.

Traveling to Italy, people often think of the romance of the old town houses or the luxurious fashion capital of Milan. But Italy also owns beautiful islands that are not known by many people.

6 hidden beautiful islands you should travel when in Italy


Few people know that the beautiful island of Elba in Italy is where the famous French leader Napoleon was exiled. But he was not too depressed. The island was small but beautiful that he could forget that he was in exile. When you come to Elba, you will not only swim and sunbathe but also have many other activities such as walking, cycling around the island. This is an ideal tourist destination if you are looking for a peaceful place, ignoring the bustling urban pace.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

If you are an active advocate, you should not miss exploring the island by bike. But zigzag roads, steep slopes will certainly challenge your steering wheel. Although it is difficult, in return, you will discover a lot of beautiful scenery with many ancient villas, clear blue beaches and busy markets.


Sardinia Island has 3 large and small airports to serve tourism. It is often said that Sardinia is an island rich in culture and history because of its beautiful monuments and places everywhere.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

Because most of the buildings are made of quartz, they often sparkle in the sun. You should stop by Alghero beach to buy jewelry made from red corals and admire the Grotta di Nettuno cave with the beautiful green reflection on the rocks. Also, move to the mysterious 4,000-year-old Barumini citadel. And if you like hiking, visit the abandoned mines to explore them.


According to ancient Greek legend, the beautiful island of Ischia is located in the Bay of Naples formed by the battle between Zeus and titan monster Tifeo. After the victory, Zeus controlled Tifeo under a mountain-like pile of rocks, but Tifeo continued to struggle, creating the volcanoes on the island today.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

The Poseidon Thermal Garden in Ischia with more than 20 hot tubs located along the mountain for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. In addition, the Pithecusae archaeological museum with more than 8 galleries of rare and antique items is also something you should not miss. If you came to Ischia, you should stop by the ancient castle of Aragonese which is considered the symbol of the romantic island Ischia.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

You can scuba dive to see the coral reef, climb the highest mountain in Ischia - Epomeo, or beat the summer heat at Maronti beach.


Isolated on the coast of Naples Bay, Capri has been a favorite of Italian nobility since ancient Roman times. Capri has always been a place to attract large numbers of European tourists, especially famous artists such as John Singer Sargent, Frank Hyde, Norman Douglas, August Kopisch, Axel Munthe, especially two great writers Maxim Gorky and Graham Greene.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

Capri owns many ancient villas located along the coastline with unique and beautiful architecture. In addition, this place also attracts visitors by the peace, fresh air and cool feeling extremely relaxing. Capri is also nicknamed the "honeymoon island" because it is often chosen by couples as a tourist destination. You should travel to Capri in the spring because at this time the number of tourists is not as crowded as summer and there are not too many couples like autumn.


Sicily is considered one of the 5 important archaeological sites of UNESCO. So this place still retains its wild, natural beauty. In Sicily, not only are the beautiful beaches lying along the neighborhoods. But there are many other interesting tourist destinations such as the highest volcanoes in Europe Etna, along with many hot springs, relaxing fishing areas and water games.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

In addition, Sicily also owns 7 ancient temples architectural works in the style of Boraque.


If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, come to Procida Island, located in the Bay of Naples in Italy. Procida offers visitors a fresh, pleasant and captivating atmosphere more than the other tourist islands of Capri and Ischia.

Top 6 mysteriously beautiful islands in Italy

It is picturesque with pastel-painted houses, bustling bars, restaurants and docks serving classic Italian cuisine.

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