Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

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While the future of tourism remains unclear due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say a new trend is likely to come true: tours to isolated places.

Andrew Steinberg, advisor to luxury travel agency Ovation Travel, said: “Isolated places have a whole new appeal because people are afraid to mingle with others and socialize. They want to travel but want to stay away from everyone. Isolated, remote locations offer that opportunity.”

Steinberg says that most of these locales are in the midst of nature and have upscale hotels that give guests a different sense of accommodation and motivate the trip.

Erina Pindar, executive director of luxury travel consultancy SmartFlyer, agrees that isolated locations will dominate the tourism industry during and after COVID-19. “Our customers say they want to control their environment and protect their health. It's hard to do that when you go somewhere crowded. ”

6 isolated locations to travel while doing social-distancing

Big Sur: an isolated location in California, USA

Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

Located approximately 24 miles south of San Francisco, the dramatic cliff-side town of Big Sur is famous for being a great secluded spot. Visitors come here to enjoy breathtaking and impressive vistas that include the rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the vast expanse where you can walk among the red forest and immerse yourself in the silence.

Sparsely populated, the chances of you meeting the crowd on vacation are very small. However, there is an inconvenience: the restaurants are few and far, and Wi-Fi and cellular waves are also unstable.

Rooms are also very small. Typically, Post Ranch Inn 39 rooms and 2 private rooms, one of the most luxurious accommodation in America. Built at an altitude of 366m above sea level, the hotel offers endless ocean views, kilometers of walking trails and a spa in the middle of the forest. Star viewing, yoga and meditation are the most popular activities here. Due to the distance between the rooms, you can easily avoid contact with other people.

Panama Pacific Coast: a little known secluded site

Panama's Caribbean coast is a popular resort destination, but the Pacific side is largely undiscovered. This is the wilderness of Panama with dense tropical forests, many species of plants and animals and a variety of marine life.

Chiriquí Bay is part of this picturesque coastline and is home to large, unspoiled coral reefs and two protected marine parks. Here, visitors can surf year round without crowds, scuba dive, even watch humpback whales migrate, during the peak season from July to October.

Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

In this secluded site is Islas Secas, a privately owned archipelago of 14 beautiful islands, located in Chiriquí Bay. This secluded venue consists of 4 casitas (little house in Spanish), choosing from 1, 2 or 4 bedrooms. All have views of the ocean and plunge pool. Guests can enjoy a private sea safari, a spa treatment or simply do nothing.

Wolgan Valley: an isolated place in Australia

Sydney is only 3 hours drive away, but Wolgan Valley has been completely removed from any civilization. Located in the World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains, this secluded site is Australia's bushland - home to gorges, ancient rock formations, national parks and iconic wildlife. Statues include kangaroos, wallaby kangaroos with the number up to thousands.

Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

You can explore the landscape and take part in epic hiking treks such as sunrise hikes to Mount Donkey, in the Gardens of Stone National Park, which offers uninterrupted views of Wolgan Valley.

For the hotel, the most luxurious option is Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley, a 40-room sustainable resort on nearly 2,833ha of land. It offers more than 24km of hiking, a spa offering unique treatments like sound therapy and a variety of activities like a night safari and tasting Australian gin.

Salt fields: isolated locations in Bolivia

Formed from many prehistoric lakes, the Uyuni salt field in southwestern Bolivia near the Andes mountains on an area of ​​about 10,360 square kilometers is the largest "salt kingdom" in the world. Sparsely populated in tiny quaint villages, archaeological sites include the pre-Colombian city of Alcaya and uninhabited islands covered with cacti.

Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

Due to a lack of hotels, exploring this natural wonder is not a favored option until the end of 2019, when Kachi Lodge opens.

Built directly on salt fields, at the foot of a volcano, this upscale property is a design gem consisting of 6 arches decorated with textiles, local art and furniture. . Start your day with a sunrise hike, visit craters, watch stars or collect salt formed from the surface of fields.

Sunnmore: Isolated locations in Norway
It is not an exaggeration to say that this landscape in the northwestern coast of Norway is nothing but the words "wonderful". Natural wonders, breathtaking fjords, waterfalls and wildlife include puffer fish, killer whales and seals. And rarely see humans.

The luxury experience travel agency 62ºNORD opens this secluded location by arranging itineraries including kayaking around the fjord, visiting Runde Island, home to more than 500,000 species of birds and scenic tours by helicopter.

Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

The company operates two hotels here: Hotel Union Øye, which reopened April 23 and is a great base for hiking, and the Storfjord Hotel, a 30-room wooden hostel, has views of the Sunnmøre Mountains Alps.

Northern Aysen: an isolated site in Chile

While most adventurous visitors to the southern part of Chile head directly to the Torres del Paine National Park, the Aysen area in Northern Patagonia is undiscovered territory.

If views of glacial fields, glaciers, lakes and rivers lie in the rugged Andes and emerald green valleys, the absence of others could be Aysen's greatest attraction.

Top 6 isolated locations to conduct social-distancing in luxury

The new Rio Palena Lodge will be your accommodation in Chile. Built on the banks of a river of the same name, this 32.5ha resort has 7 rooms and is designed for the adventurous. Standout activities include fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, a scenic picnic by helicopter, and tasting Pisco. Guests need at least a week to enjoy it all.

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