Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

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Of the many great travel destinations in the world, the Maldives is perhaps the best-known location for both luxury service and breathtaking natural beauty.

Coming to the paradise of Maldives, visitors will feel the sandy beaches, the blue sea and the rich flora and fauna. Maldives is also the ideal honeymoon destination for most couples.

Where should couples go in Maldives?

1. Bluetribe Moofushi

One of the most ideal honeymoon locations in the Maldives is the Bluetribe Moofushi. This is where you can spend all day relaxing.

It can be said that nature loves this place so much that it gives this island countless beautiful landscapes. from the crystal-clear beach to the vast world of marine life in the ocean. When you come here, not only do you experience a lot of water leisure activities such as windsurfing, diving or sailing... but also take part in great excursions to discover the marine life in the Maldives.

Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

In addition, the system of restaurants, hotels, resorts most luxurious Maldives also gathered at this interesting attraction. You can book rooms at famous hotels and motels in your ideal honeymoon vacation such as Dharavandhoo Stay Hotel, Aligaa Fishing Lodge Resort or Marina Boutique Hotel...

2. National Museum

Referring to the Maldives, people will immediately think of the comfortable, luxurious resorts, endless beaches or famous coral reefs. However, there is another place, different from what you expect, that couples should visit. It is the Maldives National Museum.

Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

Coming to the Maldives museum, visitors will be able to learn and learn a lot of interesting things about the culture of the people living here. They bring a characteristic for themselves, a civilized and polite lifestyle.

Guests can be assured of all issues when they step to this tourist destination Maldives. If you don't know, the museum is also the only surviving structure of the former Sultan palace.

Now, this place only has a few houses with it's very unique collection of costumes of the ancient royal times along with photos. When the country began to switch to Republican mode, that was when the Maldives National Museum was built.

3. The National Art Gallery of Maldives

If you want to explore all the ideal honeymoon locations in the Maldives, the The National Art Gallery of Maldives is also a place to be visited by a lot of visitors.

Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

Built in 1999, the photo gallery was built to showcase artworks to promote to foreign visitors.

Besides, in addition to admiring the beautiful artworks, if you are lucky, you can also attend excellent art exhibitions, seminars, advertising events... Some people can understand more about culture, human history here.

A honeymoon tour with your loved one also knows more about the culture and art of the Maldives island nation.

4. Sun Island Resort and Spa

Sun Island Resort & Spa is a luxurious resort and also the largest private island resort in the Maldives with 68 bungalows on the semi-adjacent waterfront with 358 rooms on the island and 1-storey bungalow.

The water chalets here are quite small, but they compensate for the luxury bathroom design and attractive private terrace on the coastal lagoon.

Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

There are water sports, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, fitness clubs, and activities suitable for family travelers.

In addition, there are 9 different restaurants and bars, so even if you stay long, visitors may not be afraid of being bored with food service.

5. Royal Residence

The exquisite interiors, sumptuous spaces and special amenities are what make the Royal Residence at Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort one of the most wonderful accommodations in the Maldives.

Royal Residence owns a spacious area, with its own restaurant and bar on the water - with views overlooking a pristine lagoon; A free butler and spa service is also provided.

Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

In addition, when coming to this luxurious resort, you can also experience many fun water activities such as kayaking, coral diving, fishing or simply immersed in the fresh green water.

This is truly the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to enjoy a wonderful vacation together.

6. Hulhumale Church

Hulhumale Church is one of the interesting attractions in the country of Maldives that attracts many domestic and international tourists.

Hulhumale Church was built in 2006, with a unique, sophisticated architecture, especially the dome made of gold, the entire dome is supported by solid rafters below. A special feature that is easy to recognize and hardly any church can do so.

Top 6 ideal honeymoon destinations in Maldives

Although built only over 10 years ago, Hulhumale Church is the most prominent Maldives tourist destination. If you look from the outer space, the main color used is white gold, creating a clean and luxurious landscape.

Typical works are easily noticed with a tall tower in the middle, standing behind is the church space with strange and modern design, on the roof is set up a large block of yellow hemisphere. Create attraction from architecture.

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