Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

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These delicious Mexican dishes are considered specialties with extremely bold and impressive flavors.

Coming to this country, visitors will not only enjoy many fascinating landscapes but also be attracted by the unique and diverse cuisine. If you plan to travel to Mexico but are wondering what to enjoy, then Break will introduce 6 famous dishes in this country.

Top 6 delicious Mexican food


Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

When it comes to delicious Mexican dishes, you cannot miss Tacos. This is a burger with the shell made from dilute cornstarch, the filling is meats such as chicken, beef, pork, fish... All seasoned with seasoning and cooked. When enjoying Tacos, they will often be eaten with salsa, onions, coriander...

The Tacos is divided into two categories: crispy crust and soft crust. In particular, according to the concept of the Mexican people should not use a knife or fork to enjoy this dish, which shows the lack of courtesy for the traditional national dish. If you have the opportunity to come to Mexico to enjoy tacos, please use your bare hands.


Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

Mollete is the name of a delicious Mexican dish that is extremely popular in this country. This is also a great suggestion if you do not know what to enjoy in this beautiful country.

In essence, this is a sandwich consisting of fillings such as: jalapenõ chili, fried beans, onions, coriander, salsa and an indispensable cheese layer. When enjoying the melted cheese mixed with the remaining ingredients, it will make the user only admire it.


Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

One of the prides of Mexican cuisine is Enchiladas. Enchiladas is made from corn, filled with cheese mixture and rolled up and baked until cooked. Usually the dish will be served with a spicy sauce made from pobblano chili.

Depending on the taste of each person, the baker can add fillings such as beef, chicken, pork... Enchiladas, which has a flavor of cheese that is both fatty and spicy. Enchiladas when eaten must have a spicy taste on the tip of the tongue, spread in the mouth cavity and then slowly soften to the correct standard. This is also the spicy taste of Mexicans.

Mole Poblano

Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

The next specialty on the list of delicious Mexican dishes is Mole Poblano. This is also considered the national dish in this country. Many people often tell each other that if you come to Mexico, you must definitely enjoy Mole Poblano. This sauce is made from about 20 ingredients of which chili and chocolate are consumed in the greatest amount.

In order to successfully process this dish, the chef must use a variety of chili powder and continuously stir during the cooking process. In Mexico, on important occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and Christmas, the red Mole Poblano sauce is an indispensable dish on the table.


Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

During your trip to Mexico, if you are wondering what to choose from, Pambazos is a great suggestion. This is a famous street food specialty in this country. Pambazos is made from white bread and filled with chorizo sausage and potatoes. When cooking, the baker dips in a sauce so that the Pambazos turns red and golden and then deep fried.

When enjoying, it is indispensable to enjoy the pepper sauce in the filling and salads, soosy salsa, cheese or sour cream. This dish has a hot spicy taste, so it is very suitable for spicy enthusiasts. The delicious taste of the Pambazos together with its attractive form will certainly not disappoint visitors.


Top 6 delicious Mexican food you must try once in a lifetime

Quesadilla is considered one of the best dishes in Mexico. That is why many tourists coming to Mexico have to look for places to enjoy this dish.

The dish consists of corn tortillas with fillings such as cheese, sausage, fried pork skin, stewed meat, garlic, beans... and then grilled or deep fried. Depending on some localities, the outer crust is made from corn, other ingredients are also added to create attractive colors. In Mexico, many people love breakfast with Quesadilla because it is not only delicious but also a nutritious source enough for the whole day.

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