Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

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Let's have a look at these love paradise!

The honeymoon is always the happiest, most romantic time for every couple after the wedding. If you are not worried about budgeting and really want to record the best memories in your life, consider the top honeymoon destinations below.

6 best places to honeymoon in the world

1. Maldives - A paradise for couples

Maldives is a great choice for couples who want to have moments of peace and privacy. Here, you seem to be lost in a paradise of love with the emerald-blue water and colorful coral reefs. And yet, it's so romantic when the two of you walk on the endless white beach in the sunset, then dive into the cool and quiet space of the sea breeze and the murmuring waves. Those are luxurious experiences that you will never forget.

Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

Maldives has 1,192 large and small atolls and is considered the most luxurious resort. You can also relax in new bungalow houses on the water and watch dolphins or colorful fish swimming around.

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2. New Zealand - A beautiful island country

The wonderful natural beauty is made up of mountains, craggy cliffs and picturesque, blue bays. It can be said that New Zealand is an island country that is more beautiful than a paradise.

Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

In addition to enjoying the fresh air here, couples also try on thrilling games such as bungee, skydiving or boating, hiking. You can also spend more time "circling" the tourist cities in New Zealand such as Dunedin, Wellington, Queenstown, Christchurch, Auckland.

3. Cancún - for a more passionate honeymoon

Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

It must be acknowledged that most couples choose to have beach resorts for their honeymoon. It is easy to understand because the peacefulness, smoothness of the sea always gives people a sense of peace and relaxation, especially when staying with the person you love. The beach here must be beautiful and sparkling, adding the speciality of Mayan architecture that created a very special feature for this famous beach in Mexico. After exploring the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and Coba, couples can walk together on the smooth white sand, admire the clear blue water.

4. St Lucia - A beautiful island

Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

Surrounded by the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, the island nation of St Lucia is also one of the places that are attracting a large number of tourists, especially couples. This volcanic island is considered the "green paradise of the Earth", giving you a very beautiful sea view, in the distance is the majestic mountain scenery and lush tropical rainforest. You can also experience the quality mineral hot spring bath service here.

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5. Bali - A romantic tropical island

Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

Also having a fine white beach with clear blue water, colorful coral reefs, Bali - Indonesia's paradise also attracts tourists by the diversity of arts and music inherent here. Couples can also immerse themselves in the local culture and indulge in special seafood. Truly, you have to come here once to feel all the charm of its beautiful beauty.

6. Belize - The first choice of couples in America

Top 6 best honeymoon locations for romantic couples

Recently, Belize has become a hot place for newlyweds in the Americas and the world. You not only have the opportunity to explore the ancient Mayan civilization or visit the tropical rain forests, but you can also enjoy the cool air of the sea breeze with long sandy beaches and colorful corals. There are so many interesting activities and unforgettable experiences for couples here.

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