Top 5 prominent living room decoration trends in 2019

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Designing houses and apartments according to personal preferences is common in many families. However, inappropriate designs will make you regret.

Instead of accepting unsatisfactory designs, let’s join with 9X Interior architects to find the trend of prominent living room decoration in 2019 to apply immediately to your interior space.

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Designing the living room with an open trend: This is a trend that is easy to please homeowners and bring the most comfort. It’s a interior design with spacious living room of glass doors, space not only increases aesthetics but also harmonizes with nature. Such a beautiful space will impress guests who come to visit while bringing comfort in the conversation. In this open trend, the point is to decorate the living room with bright colors, use high-end sofas and make use of modern carpets to create focal points for the space. Connecting the living room space with the kitchen space and dining table is a common feature of this decoration trend.

Top 5 prominent living room decoration trends in 2019

Decorate wooden living room: With wood, you will not be able to take your eyes when you set foot in the space pattern to apply this trend. You can still use the softer sofa design, but the wood details from the table to the floor, the decorative wall will become the highlight for this whole trend. The use of creative ideas for wooden walls with integrated shelves will make the space rustic, simple but still ravishing. A large bright space using neutral colors will make guests come to visit the house feel more comfortable and impressed. In addition, to accentuate the modern home furnishings, please use the glass details and curtain design. The living room model is not only beautiful but also much more luxurious.

Top 5 prominent living room decoration trends in 2019

Pure with Scandinavian colors: The trend of using simple but sophisticated interior designs from Northern Europe always makes us "cut heart" every time we look. This is an easy-to-receive design trend in Vietnam. The designs will be decorated with beautiful small wall paintings, wooden sofa models, small chairs and unique tables.

Top 5 prominent living room decoration trends in 2019

Scandinavian decorative designs always prefer pure white tones and pleasant pastel tones. The large bright space with harmonious design, open from the glass windows and bright color blinds will bring a great experience to the owner.

The dark tone is appealing and mesmerizing: Somehow, the trend of interior design with black tones gradually beats the hearts of many people. Instead of choosing trendy colors, attractive black tone interior designs bring a totally different experience.

Top 5 prominent living room decoration trends in 2019

Interior designs with dark colors will be a slightly classic design with a bit of modernity. Drop lights, table lamps or textured floor mats will bring special sophistication and charm. Such a space is easy to please those who are difficult and surprisingly beautiful.

Beautiful eclectic mix trend: The combination of different trends and styles for living room space will bring incredible results for homeowners. With outstanding colors, beautiful motifs in open space and decorated living room with green trees. This style is a wonderful combination of European lines and Asian designs that will bring perfect beauty to the house.

Top 5 prominent living room decoration trends in 2019

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Final Thoughts: Above are the 5 prominent trends in living room decoration in 2019 that you can refer to. Hopefully with our suggestions, you will get the best choice for your living room!

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