Top 5 'oldest' universities in the world

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In the Middle Ages, people knew how to live in the village stalls scattered across the continent. They stick together to embrace and grow. The first universities of humankind have also been started from the community of scholars living so close together.

In order for a school to be "organized" by the University itself, it must demonstrate a separate normative system that expresses the rights to freedom of learning and the pursuit of knowledge. The majority of early college was often established from the royal family and from the church, or a small number of fortunate people grew up from a handful of excellent and long-established academies. These "ancient" schools are not only a living heritage for the educational tradition of mankind, but also maintain their reputation and leading position in the fierce competition with many universities today.

Top 5 'oldest' universities in the world

Cambridge University, England - 1209

Top 5 oldest universities in the world

In 1209, a group of Oxford University scholars were expelled from school, they decided to leave and found another university - Cambridge University. The legend of Cambridge also followed the British journey across the Atlantic to the United States. The founding Britons named a city in Massachusetts, Cambridge and established a university here.

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Today, the whole world looks at this city as the "cradle" of two leading universities, Harvard and MIT. Cambridge University not only attracts students because of its ancient beauty, but it also has a great quality of education that few universities match.

University of Salamanca, Spain - 1134

Top 5 oldest universities in the world

This is the first European school to honor the title of "university" by the King of Castile and León, and the Pope in 1254. University of Salamanca was founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX of León. As the oldest traditional school in Spain, Salamanca has a Renaissance-style architecture and is always appreciated for its excellent training quality.

Oxford University, UK - 1096

Top 5 oldest universities in the world

Oxford University - the great tree of the UK education industry has never been absent from the list of the best universities in the world. Although it was established earlier, it was not until 1167 when King Henry II issued an order, prohibiting British citizens from attending University of Paris, then Oxford really welcomed a large number of students.

University of Bologna, Italy - 1088

Top 5 oldest universities in the world

 University of Bologna is the first school to be correctly called universitas ’(ie university in Latin) and is currently the leading school in the quality of education in Italy. With nearly 1,000 years of history, Bologna University is associated with the names of many famous writers and scientists in the world. The University offers a number of internationally renowned graduate programs, enabling students to develop their full potential and knowledge.

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Karaouine University, Morocco - 859

Top 5 oldest universities in the world

 Referring to the "oldest" universities in the world, it is impossible to ignore Karaouine University - the Guinness Book of World Records is recognized as the oldest university. still works to this day. Karaouine University, also known as Al Quaraouyine, is located in the city of Fes, Morocco. Initially, Karaouine was originally a mosque and a school dedicated to teaching the subjects of history, literature, society and Islamic fields, with a development orientation to become a religious center of Morocco. After that, the school opened more subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy ... and now has a great reputation in the sciences. But perhaps the most distinctive feature of this "old" school in the world lies in the fact that the person who built it is a ... woman: Fatima al-Fihri - daughter of a rich merchant of Tunisian origin. Mohammed Al-Fihri.

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