Top 5 'giant' newborn babies in the world

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Many newborn babies in the world are recognized as being born with a weight exceeding those of normal babies.

When preparing to welcome new family members, every parent wishes their children to be nutritious, plump and healthy. But it weighs as many as the babies in this article, it is really surprising mothers, right?

5 'giant' newborn babies in the world

The heaviest newborn baby in the world:

Top 5 giant newborn babies in the world

On June 4, 2015, an Australian woman gave birth to a giant baby weighing up to 18 kg at King Edward Memorial Hospital in India. The weight of the baby makes the doctors and hospital nurses "horrible". This baby's weight is equivalent to a 6-year-old child, breaking the world's heaviest infant record for nearly 180 years. Long before that, in 1839, a record was set by a South African baby born weighing about 17.2 kg. The reason why babies have such an amazing weight is partly due to the mothers weighing up to 272 kg. Fortunately, this birth has gone well, the mother is round, and now the health status of both mother and child are very stable.

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The heaviest baby in Indonesia:

Top 5 giant newborn babies in the world

This baby is called Akbar - in Arabic it means "Great" and is recorded as the heaviest newborn baby in Indonesia with a weight of 8.7kg and 62cm long. Akbar was born on September 21, 2009 by the normal method of giving birth.

Doctors believe that Akbar baby weight so may be due to excessive glucose results from pregnancy.

Tiny giants in Siberia:

Top 5 giant newborn babies in the world

September 26. 2007, baby Nadia Khalina in Siberia was born with an astonishing weight of 7.75kg. The baby's mother said she mostly ate potatoes when she was pregnant and had gestational diabetes.

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The heaviest newborn baby in the US:

Top 5 giant newborn babies in the world

In 2011, JaMichael was born with a weight of up to 7.28kg, twice the average weight of a newborn baby in Texas, became the largest infant boy in Texas, USA. His father, Michael Brown, was quite shocked at the size of his birth: "The doctor told us, he will weigh about 5.5kg, however, when he was born, it was a different story."

JaMichael is 0.6 meters tall, with a head circumference of 3.8 cm and a chest of 43 cm. This size is equivalent to a 6 month old child.

"Giant" newborn baby in Brazil:

Top 5 giant newborn babies in the world

On January 18, 2005, a 7.6kg infant was born at Sabin Albert Maternity Hospital in Salvador, 900 miles northeast of the city of Sao Paulo in Bahia state, Brazil. Francisca Ramos dos Santos, 38, gave birth to a healthy boy and named him Ademilton. The baby is the largest infant born in the hospital's 12-year history.

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