Top 5 best places to visit in Arizona

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Arizona, the western US state, famous for its deserts, cacti, pine forests, mountains and plateaus, now attracts tourists with exactly that uniqueness.

Arizona is a state located in the southwestern United States. It is the sixth largest state by area and the 14th most populous of the US. It stands out with a lot of majestic natural landscapes, which visitors will be surprised to witness. Join Break to discover the 5 beautiful tourist attractions of Arizona below.

Top 5 Arizona tourist attractions

1. Grand Canyon

Top 5 best places to visit in Arizona

This is one of the most popular attractions in the US, and certainly in Arizona. The Grand Canyon,  located by the Colorado River, is a breathtaking landscape that you should not miss. Here, the walls of the gorge illuminate a variety of colors in the late afternoon, such as orange, red, yellow... For travelers who want a special experience, do take a helicopter ride to get a full view of the majestic scenery of the canyon.

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2. Monument Valley

Top 5 best places to visit in Arizona

Monument is an area of ​​the Colorado Plateau in the United States. Monument Valley is the boundary between Arizona and Utah. The majestic scenery is mostly reddish soil or sand deposited from the meandering rivers as the erosion of the valley. The vivid red color of the valley is due to the iron oxide that clings outside the weathered dough. The dark blue-gray stone in the valley is due to the color of manganese oxide. Visitors can drive through the valley on their own, visit guided tours or take photo tours to admire the wildlife.

3. Hoover Dam

Top 5 best places to visit in Arizona

Hoover Dam is one of the world's most amazing engineering projects. The massive structure of the dam was completed in 1935, crossing the Colorado River, connecting Arizona and Nevada. It is 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long. Above the Hoover Dam is Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake in the United States. This is a very popular tourist destination when visitors to the state of Arizona.

4. Sedona

Top 5 best places to visit in Arizona

The city of Sedona, situated in a beautiful setting, surrounded by majestic red rock mountains, is a great hiking and jogging area. Here, you can also join jeep tours for an easier experience to explore the scenery.

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5. Havasu waterfall

Top 5 best places to visit in Arizona

Havasu Falls is a waterfall located on Havasu Creek in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States. This is also the land of the Havasupai tribe. The waterfall is about 2.4 km from Supai. The water in Havasu Falls has a special pale green color. It is considered a paradise on Earth, and is an ideal place for visitors to swim and relax in the fresh water.

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