Top 5 best MCU movies

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Blockbuster Avengers: Endgame has marked for 11 successful years of Marvel Studio. Experiencing many ups and downs, from a brand standing on the edge of bankruptcy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has now become a monument to not only the film world but also modern culture.

To celebrate the successful decade of the MCU, Break ranks the level of the 22 superhero movies that Marvel Studio has produced in the past 11 years.

Top 5 best MCU movies

IRON MAN (2008):

Top 5 best MCU movies

Iron Man should probably be seen as a game of the century, when at that time, Marvel Studio risked betting its fate on the hands of a 2nd-class hero in the story world. painting and an actor who just walked out of rehab - Robert Downey Junior. Then 11 years later, we have a powerful film brand, a Tony Stark - the iconic character of the entire superhero movie series and an enormous cinematic universe opened with the saying "I Am Iron Man."


Top 5 best MCU movies

Black Panther has reached half a billion dollars worldwide since its release. The film also broke many records of the previous superhero series, such as the superhero film with the most bookings, Marvel movies sold the most tickets for IMAX screenings ... is compelling plot content, characters are built rational psychology. The Wakanda epic has also earned Marvel Studio 3 Oscar statues thanks to its outstanding production.

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Top 5 best MCU movies

This superhero movie is a story of the past - present intertwined ingenuity, sophistication and just enough, making the film content seamless, tight without causing suffocation. `` Captain America: Winter Soldier '' brings a drama story filled with drama style, interwoven with the feelings of veterans in a peaceful society. Going in a different direction compared to the popular superhero movie recipe, made the movie part of Captain America highly appreciated. This is probably a character's own movie, with the best scenario in the MCU phase 3.


Top 5 best MCU movies

To mark the 10th anniversary of development, Marvel has brought a war on the cosmic level and gathering almost full of superheroes. Infinity War not only makes the audience satisfied with the monumental as well as the drama, but also is highly appreciated for the plot. With his ideal of "macro", Thanos deserves the feat of defeating the Avengers team for the first time as well as being in the top of the best villains of the superhero movie series. Received a rain of compliments from the fastidious critics, Avengers: Infinity War has raised the MCU to become a monument in the world of cinema.

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Top 5 best MCU movies

Perhaps for the fans who have been with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the early days, there are no words that can describe the beauty of Avengers: Endgame. The film has done all the necessary things not only with a superhero movie but also as a cinematographic work, spectacular techniques, an attractive story with a mix of quiet and climax episodes. , the psychology of the character is built in depth enough to take away the tears of the viewers and of course not to mention the tragic 30 minutes at the end of the film with the heroism pushed to the ceiling level. This is clearly a perfect ending for the first Avengers team, as well as a milestone for the golden years of superhero movies.

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