Top 5 best Animes of all time

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Animes has strongly influenced the lives of many people because it has a lot of humanistic meanings.

Below Break would like to introduce you to the top 5 best Animes ever. These are all extremely attractive movies worth watching. So do not miss them.

Top 5 best Animes ever

One Piece:

Top 5 best Animes of all time

This is one of the most beloved anime / manga of all time, not only in Japan but also in the whole world. Author Eiichiro Oda and One Piece sets a Guinness World Record for the best-selling single-comic series in 2015. Its funny style and adventurous storyline helped One Piece score absolute points in the eyes of fans.

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Top 5 best Animes of all time

Along with One Piece, Naruto is also one of the classic anime series in the world. The story successfully portrays the maturity and progress of protagonist Uzumaki Naruto and his friends. Naruto was so successful that almost every character in this story was memorized by fans.

Spirited Away:

Top 5 best Animes of all time

Spirited Away, the Japanese anime's historic milestone when it was the first and only film to win the prestigious Oscar award for Best Animation Film to date. A humane and meaningful story that was conveyed by Miyazaki through the adventure of little Chihiro when she strayed into a land of souls. Here she had interesting experiences with creatures and people full of mysteries and magic. The film not only conquers the audience with vivid, emotional drawings but also contains profound lessons about people, the environment, the way of life and ideals, beliefs to survive. Spirited Away is truly a masterpiece, a legendary anime that symbolizes the country's cinema.

Dragon Ball:

Top 5 best Animes of all time

There is nothing to say about it, this is one of the most popular anime in Japan, and its manga version is also one of the classic memories of the childhood of many countries around the world. The story of righteousness and determination to become Son Goku's strongest man in the universe on the journey to find the 7 dragon balls has become the dream of countless boys.

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Death Note:

Top 5 best Animes of all time

There are a number of people who imagine dangerous criminals, about all the terrible things they have done. But most of us aren't silly or brave to pursue a heroic lifestyle (we can't become Batman, right?). Thankfully we all survived alongside the evil and cruel imaginations in "Death Note," a story about a high school student who found a magical black magazine. It can kill anyone whose name is written inside it: perfect for a person with a pathological personality to wipe out the world of demons. "Death Note" is more than just a mass killing machine, a systematic execution. It's an intricate mystery about deaths, getting viewers into a cat and mouse game, turning us into antagonists against Japanese police and a detective team looking to expose and bring the boy to justice. "Death Note" is not a series of actions, but the story is joined together, surprisingly combined and will definitely bring frustration to you right then and make you look forward to it more and more.

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