Top 5 best American TV series of all time

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From time-capsule sitcoms to cutting-edge Peak-TV dramas — the definitive ranking of the game-changing small-screen classics

From Netflix’s most bingeable box-sets to top-quality HBO dramas, the best TV shows are more than worth your time.

Top 5 best American TV series of all time

Breaking Bad:

Top 5 best American TV series of all time

The AMC series is a psychological crime series that has caused a great craze in the history of American TV series. The film tells the story of a chemistry teacher - Walter White carrying in his evil lung cancer. In order to escape the difficult life with his wife and two children, he decided to accompany and cooperate with the unruly student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture drugs and sell them.

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Breaking Bad's way of making films right from the first episode brought a slow, meticulous and somewhat rhythmic style, yet it still draws viewers through each week with a huge amount of ratings that many series expect. to wish. Breaking Bad takes viewers from humorous, funny emotions to feelings of anxiety, fear and sometimes unexpected warmth. Not following the trend of trying to extend the story line after each movie season, Breaking Bad goes a beautiful way with the top 5 seasons of the peak, definitely a movie you have to sit for hours to watch.

Game of Thrones:

Top 5 best American TV series of all time

With violent images, hot scenes and strong language, Game of Thrones - a heavy HBO series has attracted the attention of the people for many years. Produced based on the novel A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin (still being written), Game of Thrones takes viewers to a fictional land where Westeros has 7 small kingdoms, each ruled by a strong family. Among those families, there are always feuds, big or small, and they do not hesitate to perform any tricks to be able to settle on the "iron throne", and to the far through a wall of the citadel is an army of White Ball who are planning to invade this land.

With a tightly cohesive plot, a large but charismatic and skillful character that is not inferior to any blockbuster movie, the film has become a solid monument in the hearts of fans, with the amount of Record rating for each episode.

The Sopranos:

Top 5 best American TV series of all time

The Sopranos' content revolves around the life of crime boss Tony Soprano with his gang and crime family.

Like all Mafia movies, The Sopranos has bloody killings, flashy scenes of criminals with beautiful houses, genuine cars and arrogant confidence. The film "shows" the brothers and sisters in society, and the price to pay for their dishonesty, distortion, and immoral no matter how much money.

Orange is the new black:

Top 5 best American TV series of all time

The film is the story of the prison life of female prisoners not only revolves around fighting for underground power, but also the story of love and friendship in the life behind grids. The movie is also very attractive with dozens of unique characters. A great appeal of feminist power is that this is a rare series full of only female characters.

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Doctor Who:

Top 5 best American TV series of all time

Doctor Who is one of the rare series with the longest "life span" in the history of dramas. Revolving around a character capable of space-time travel, the Lord of Time has lots of interesting land and stories to tell viewers. Twelve episodes with 12 different actors starring as Doctor Who but the atmosphere and creativity in each story remains intact. That makes many generations of audiences, from the elders to the younger generations, still passionate about following each thrilling adventure of this unknown Doctor.

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