Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

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California is a great destination for those who want to experience the "American dream". Here are some of the best routes that reflect the state's identity.

The following routes are the best choice for short journeys - day trips when you travel to California. They are so beautiful that you will only pay attention to taking more photos per hour, rather than the car's speedometer!

You can even link them together to make a great tour across California, lasting 1-2 weeks. Every decision is yours.

The 5 best road trip routes in California

From Carmel to Morro Bay

California 1, the high way between Morro Bay and Carmel, nicknamed "Big Sur", is one of the most beautiful roads in California. It could also be the world's most famous 155-mile (250km) mileage. Images of this route also have a high frequency of appearing on the mass media, social networks, ...

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

This is a California road that visitors everywhere dream about to experience and conquer. At the heart of this road is the magnificent scenery of the winding coastline and the first silver waves from the Pacific Ocean.

Such a beautiful heart, but this route is also potentially dangerous, requiring the driver to really focus. Some bends here are so urgent that the driver jokes that "you can see your own brake lights". Just a minute of neglect, subjective lack of observation, you can plunge into the abyss.

To minimize the risk, you can start your journey from Morro Bay to Carmel. At this point, most of the way you will be located on the flat land, instead of the deep as the main direction.

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

The best time to conquer this California road trip is in the Spring and Fall. This is the time when the sky is the clearest. In the summer, this road often encountered dangerous fog. Traffic is also more crowded with tourists flocking to the beaches. Whereas winter here you will face the "death trap" due to landslides.

From Bridgeport to Lone Pine

This California motorway is 150 miles (240km) long, on the 395 motorway. On this route, you will admire the majestic landscape as from the National Geographic magazine.

The landscape along the road is extremely diverse, making you go from surprise to surprise. You will travel through the vast Owens valley, with the Nevada Mountains to the west and the Inyo Mountains to the east. In particular, you will admire Whitney - the highest peak in the United States, with an altitude of 4,421 meters.

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

This route is most beautiful in the fall, when the poplars turn yellow. In the spring, you can see iris and wildflowers blooming by the road. The summer is not bad either, with a mild climate and plenty of sunshine. In winter, the road is much more difficult to travel because of snow cover. However, the landscape is still very beautiful, with the top of the mountains.

San Francisco to Fort Bragg

The Big Sur mentioned above is not the only part of Highway 1 that has a "surreal" landscape. California's 180-mile (290km) road trip from San Francisco to Fort Bragg is equally charming. The route has many bright stops for you to rest and take pictures. You can enjoy the cliff landscape, with very far view towards the ocean.

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

Like Big Sur, California's most beautiful hiking route "blooms" in the spring and autumn. In the winter you should not move through this route because it is often closed for repair and maintenance.

San Diego to Palm Springs

If you're driving from San Diego to Palms Springs, don't let Google take you on a traumatic journey with congestion on a federal highway. Instead, master your own journey by choosing the route through the Cuyamaca mountain range. Along the way you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient towns from the 1879s, then reach the desert area of ​​a world-famous biosphere reserve.

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

Autumn, winter, or spring are all suitable for you to experience this California road trip. From October to January, you will have the opportunity to admire up to 400 different species of migratory birds, accounting for nearly half of all species in the United States. In the spring, you can spot wild flowers blooming at Anza-Borrego. Autumn is the apple season in Julian city.

In the summer, the temperature of the stretch of road through the desert rises. Therefore, this is an inappropriate time to visit this area. But in exchange for room rates in cities within the desert will be cheaper than usual.

Oregon to Leggett

The list of the most beautiful hiking trails in California would not be complete without the Redwood Highway in northern California that takes you through the area of ​​one of the greatest trees on earth. That is the redwoods - the tallest plant in the world. They grow in groups, being 90 to 105 meters high. The trunk diameter can be up to 4-5 meters.

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

The 175-mile (281 km) long road also runs through the most beautiful coastal areas of Northern California. In the cedar forest, you can encounter rare wildlife such as elks, stroll through a ferny canyon, or stop by the "Chandelier tree" - a giant coast redwood tree, famous for having a road going through its root.

Top 5 beautiful road trip routes to explore California

You can finish this route connecting Oregon and Leggett in a day. However, if you have time, you can visit more along the way. This route has another advantage in that you can conquer it at any time of the year. Winters can be a little wet because of heavy rain. However, there is also occasional snowfall, which makes the scenery even more magical.

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