Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

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Imagine the apartment you live in one day suddenly gets attention, as many people ask you how its design was. You would be proud, right?

In recent years, duplex apartments are getting more and more popular, due to their taking advantage of the apartment space and beautiful architecture.

If you already own a duplex apartment, the suggestions below will give you an idea to turn you into an expert in interior design.

Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

Top 5 beautiful models for your duplex apartments

"Change is refreshing, change is not boring," that's probably the motto of everything.

Model 1: Luxurious and modern duplex apartment

Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

“Modern” and “luxurious” are probably the first words to describe this model. It uses wooden floors in order to be durable and safe for family members.

By replacing the wall with a large and luxurious glass frame, you can open a new view to admire the vast space around.

What exudes in the design of this duplex apartment is sophistication. It looks like a floor but also like a mezzanine, strikingly attracts the eyes of the viewer with a fancy white color with a little black border. Then, right on the ceiling, there are white light with the shape of a drop of dew - it didn't need too much detail but it still impressive.

The layout of this duplex apartment is a point to learn. All the social spaces are located on the ground floor area, while the space above is reserved for privacy. This is very suitable for people who like to own privacy.

Model 2: Duplex apartment with breakthrough design

Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

A breakthrough in the design is the highlight of this model. You won’t have the usual floor or attic, but a completely stylized beauty. Using a wooden staircase, it is like being on a wooden bridge with shimmering lights.

This model is a perfect combination of wisdom and aesthetics. Because this design not only saves construction costs but can create a unique feature of beauty and benefits.

If you’re bored one day, then this surrounding can become a perfect coffee place for yourself. With the sparkling lights, sip a glass of water watching the city at night through the vast glass array, or sit back in a chair to enjoy a glass of wine. Can you imagine how enjoyable is that?

Model 3: Duplex apartment with exquisite living space

Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

When using transparent glass to make the foot of the stairs or the handle, or use glass as a wall... your duplex apartment will be more luxurious, more in depth, and you will be able to observe many surrounding sceneries.

A bookshelf arranged near the aisle of the stairs, with an additional bird's-shaped swing under it seems to be a perfect combination for a reader - beautiful scenery, beautiful location makes the soul more beautiful in every book page. In addition, place the dining table at the position next to the glass overlooking the city. When you are eating at the table and want to take a family photo, the city view will become a beautiful background.

Model 4: Duplex apartment with exquisite interior design

Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

This is probably the most convenient duplex apartment. Directly opposite the entrance is a lounge chair where you can rest. And you can invite guests to sit right at the dining table set beside. Everything seems encapsulated and simple because the main purpose is to reserve a room for your collection hobby, be it paintings, woodwork, or books, which are displayed in a rather cleverly displayed right at the welcome location.

Upstairs is the space of the bedrooms, built on one side, creating extra space. Simple but not faint is probably the style of this duplex apartment.

Model 5: Duplex apartment with simple architecture mingled with nature:

Top 5 beautiful duplex apartment models for everyone

This duplex apartment is like drawing a picture of nature for you. Because the relaxation and simplicity are visible in every detail: the bedroom is surrounded by transparent glass separated by only sliding glass frame doors, right next to it is a place to welcome guests with only one salon chair, a desk at the foot of the stairs... This duplex apartment with a simple design brings incredible peace.

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