Top 4 greatest female singers of all time

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This list includes many of the greatest vocalists ever, from all genres of music.

When you ask people who the best singers of all time are, here is the answer.

Top 4 greatest female singers of all time

Rank 4th: Rihanna

Top 4 greatest female singers of all time

Rihanna - the girl who sings the song will become a hit, the Billboard record which was too long to count will certainly not lack the name here. She is the youngest name in the top 4.

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Discovered in her home country and guided by JayZ from the first day, Rihanna started debuting in 2003 but until 2007, when she released the hit song Umbrella with JayZ, she recently became a world star, making her the best new black female singer after Beyoncé. Not to mention there, 14 singles climbed to No.1 in the US, a current achievement compared to other sisters, Riri only lost to Mariah Carey. With so many achievements, Rihanna is strong enough to surpass her younger colleagues, standing at the top that everyone has to admire.

Rank 3rd: Whitney Houston

Top 4 greatest female singers of all time

Born just to sing, the legendary Whitney Houston, despite her early gone, left many mourning for the fans, including colleagues working in the music industry. With only 30 years of operation, Whitney has been a great music icon, everyone calls her The Voice and the standard of vocals. With great performances and big songs like I Will Always Love You, I Have Nothing, Run To You or Saving All My Love For You - Whitney dominated almost in the late 80's and throughout even in the 1990s, she still dominated.

The second piece of The Trinity was quite unlucky to have lost the voice quite early due to the effects of alcohol and stimulants, and then at the time before leaving, Whitney Houston was very painful about losing her own voice. She still sang familiar songs, but responded with negative comments from her fans. The pain, the disappointment of herself caused a legend to lose the will to live, and then in 2012, she left everything before the Grammy Awards just a few days, leaving millions of people watching her. Closing the pain in her heart, Whitney was gone like that.

Runner-up: Mariah Carey

Top 4 greatest female singers of all time

The last Diva in The Trinity, Mariah Carey proudly stopped at No. 2. Possessing an unmatched vocal range spanning 5 octaves, and endowed with the renowned whistle ability that has become a lifetime brand - Songbird Supreme, the lark's majestic song is none other than her. Holding 18 no.1, leading the women in the charts, the no.1 longest pillar with 16 weeks in a row, Mariah Carey swept the charts from 1991 to after the 00s. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this female diva is ranked 2nd. Now her performance has gone down, but her level during the golden age is so great that no one can deny or replace.


Top 4 greatest female singers of all time

Pop queen Madonna is the greatest female singer of all time, bestowed by Billboard. It’s perfectly reasonable with that. Why is that? Madonna was the first to bring sensitive fields into the performing arts, and was also the first female singer to debut a music video on MTV on the 80s. She is a once-time soul of MTV, creating a series of iconic dances such as Vogue, Man On High Heels.

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In terms of music, Madonna is also the pioneer of the trend of using electronic beat music, ahead of an era. She’s always the wrecker, rebellion deep within. Not only that, Maddie was also the first female singer in history to sweep into the fashion field, when the pointed chest corset Jean Paul Gautier she wore at the Blonde Ambition Tour became a symbolic image, flipping in real time. You can see it in any fashion book. In addition, she also completed big4 Vogue: on the cover of the Vogue Bible in the four largest editions, which very few models can do this, moreover a singer like her. Up to this point, Madonna still reigns at the top when the latest Rebel Heart Tour still sold out and became one of the best tours in 2015. With so many accomplishments, the dedication went beyond the line. The boundaries of the music made her top of the gold list with ease.

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