Top 3 safe, effective ways to detoxify the skin toxicity for women

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Recently, the trend of detoxify skin waste has increasingly "dominated" the hearts of many women. And you? Have you chosen for yourself a safe, effective way to eliminate skin toxicity?

Alcohol, foods high in fat, sugar, hot spicy foods, etc. are all harmful to your skin. However, you have more or less loaded one of these delicacies into your body all the time and gradually they accumulate into toxins that make your skin "degraded" seriously.

So there is no reason why you do not immediately choose for yourself a way to release toxins to the skin, to restore your dull, rough and easily pimple skin.

1. Detoxify the skin with a sauna method

Sauna is one of the methods of skin poisoning, many women are "favored" during the past time. Because this method not only softens the corneum and pores, helps your skin excrete toxins, dirt outside according to the amount of sweat secreted deep cleansing of the facial skin, but also contributes to relaxing moments for body and mind after a day of work, tired learning.

Currently, the market has launched devices that support extremely convenient steam, very simple to use. However, if you still don't have the economic conditions to own them, that's fine. Because there is a traditional way of steaming "ready" to take care of your skin.

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What you need to prepare is: Add 1 bowl of hot water to the pot, cook with some herbs or a few drops of essential oils, depending on the personal scent of each individual. Then, put your face in the prepared broth pot, with a safe distance of 30-35cm. And to keep the steam longer, help soften the skin, expand pores, blood circulation, you should use a large towel to cover your head.

The best sauna time for the skin is 5-8 minutes. In addition, you should not steam too often, because it makes your skin dry, dehydrated, enlarged pores, creating an "opportunity" for bacteria to accumulate.

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2. Detoxify the skin with a mask

Neither does it suffer from the edge with the sauna method, skin toxic by applying toxic mask is becoming a "very hot" trend in the beauty community. You can buy these types of toxic masks easily, at cosmetic stores with a variety of ingredients such as bamboo charcoal, clay, mineral mud, etc. Under two forms, granular or bubbling, the mask Toxic waste is capable of sucking and eliminating toxins, dirt, and sebum. At the same time, exfoliating the skin gently and safely.

Top 3 safe, effective ways to detoxify the skin toxicity for women
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3. Detoxify the skin with drinking water

Wanting to have a beautiful, smooth skin, the first thing you need to do is to keep yourself healthy. Because of the redness, many women have chosen to drink detox water to remove toxins to the skin, to make the skin look beautiful, to help the body to be healthy, but also to keep the body slim and weight stable. determined.And with this method, you will not have to worry about preparing, or watching time as a mask, but inserting them into the menu every day. However, you should still plan a reasonable diet, to balance the nutritional intake of your body every day, to avoid the body "excess" of unnecessary nutrients.

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The method is very simple, you just need to combine the water with vitamins rich fruits such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers ... to produce a "delicious" detox drink that helps you to discharge poison skin.

Woman! What are you waiting for and don't apply immediately, to own beautiful skin like dream. Good luck!

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