Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

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The delicious dishes are created by good chefs. Have you ever finished a delicious meal and remember to thank the chef?

Here are the top 10 best chefs in the world, who can't help but admire their food.

Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

Gordon James Ramsay:

The number one position is Gordon James Ramsay. If you are a big fan of "Masterchef US", you probably don't feel strange about this character - a calm and wise judge - a chef from Scotland. He left home by himself at 16 because his father was an alcoholic and violent. He married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson and they had four children: two daughters and a twin. He once dreamed and wished his life would be devoted to football but unfortunately he suffered an injury and could no longer play football. So he turned to the food industry and was a huge success in this area.

Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

He is critically called a "culinary witch" because of the way he creates a harmonious, nutritious dish as easily as a witch making an existing recipe. Ramsay owns many restaurants: Gordon Ramsay au Trianon Palace, Castel Monastero en Toscane, Maze, Nonna's, .. and in 2009, he is said to be the most influential person in the UK cuisine. Earlier in 2006, he was named "Little Knight" by England for his great contribution to the cuisine of the country. In 2001, his restaurant "Gordon Ramsay" received 3 Michelin stars for the third time and he maintains that number until today.

Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

Besides, he is the only chef in England to receive 10 prestigious Michelin stars and now it has increased to 14 stars. Ramsay built the image as an experienced consultant in his cooking programs such as Materchef US, Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare, The F Word, ... very successful. In addition, it can be said that Gordon Ramsay has a huge amount of cookbooks: Gordon Ramsay's Passion For Flavor, Gordon Ramsay's Passion for Seafood or Gordon Ramsay A Chef For All Seasons, ...

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Marco Pierre White:

Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

2nd in the world is the "Marco famous" chef. Like Ramsay, he is an English chef. It can be said that the cuisine of England is very developed by good chefs like him. A talented chef with the goal of continuous learning, he received 3 Michelin stars at the age of 33, setting a record as the youngest to receive the Machellin star. At the same time, his restaurant Harvey’s in London (1987) also received 2 Michelin stars. But the life of this chef is not simple.

He married a beautiful woman, Emilia Fox, at 53 years of age after three divorces. Marco's life was a turbulent life. Starting with £ 7.36, a bag of clothes and a few books, he came to cuisine because he heard the reputation of the Roux, Albert and Michel brothers so he knocked on the door of each of their restaurants to apprentices and learn a lot. From there he developed and opened his own restaurant. Career developed but married life was difficult. After many divorces, he became quieter, calmer and "older" so he wrote an autobiography about his life: "The Devil in the kitchen" and let director Scott - a person he believed. thought to turn it into a movie. You can search to better understand Marco's ups and downs.

Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

So far, he has been called "Godfather of the world cuisine" for his contributions to British cuisine and the world. Each of his dishes is gentle in the style of contemporary cuisine. For himself, he always kept being a perfect person and always lived the way: "Life is too short and I am only getting old, not young, fame, boner is really meaningless". He is currently working as an ad for Knorr Securities and traveling widely.

Wolfgang Puck:

Third behind Ramsay and Marco, this famous chef always likes to keep his recipes a secret. A good Austrian-American chef, Wolfgang Puck always finds delicious recipes combining from different cuisines such as Asia, Europe, French recipes and even recipes. of Australia's homeland. He always knew how to make the materials become harmonious thanks to his experience.

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Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

From an early age, he learned to cook from him, so when he grew up he made a lot of money from his cooking skills. He opened many restaurants in London, Singapore and Dubai, especially the Spago restaurant chain: Las Vegas, Maui, Beverli Hills, ... now he has 20 restaurants and 80 fast food restaurants, setting a record as the top. The richest kitchen in history. Besides, he has very famous cookbooks such as: "Morden Frech cooking for the American kitchen", "The Wolfgang Puck cookbook", Adventure in the kitchen with Wolfgang Puck "," Pizza, Pasta and more " , ...

Top 3 most famous chefs in the world

His "Spago Hollywood" restaurant in 1993 was in the top 40 best restaurants in the US, "CUT Beverly Hill" restaurant also received a prestigious Michellin star. Besides, he was chosen to provide food for the "Academy Awards Governor Ball" or also known as the "Oscar" honor. In 2013, Puck was introduced to the "Hall of Fame" cuisine. In particular, during the start-up and later, Wolfgang Puck participated in many TV shows such as: "The Simpsons: The Bart want what it wants", "Top chef: Las Vegas", "The Next Food Network Star ", ...

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