Top 3 American sitcoms make you laugh

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In the cold winter weather like this, there is nothing more suitable for heating than the laughter from the humorous American sitcoms that used to be a small screen.

If you are a cinematic follower of the national channel at the time of 2010-2015, it is certainly rare for anyone to forget the peak stage of comedy sitcoms broadcast on Star World TV. (now Fox Life). Mentioning countless "difficult" situations of life such as family, friendship, love with a funny perspective, the following top 5 names are not too new but are extremely deserving titles to be present in the gold list of a movie.

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Top 3 American sitcoms make you laugh

How I Met Your Mother

Top 3 American sitcoms make you laugh

Known as one of the brightest candidates for the most popular comedy film of the past decade, the story of the journey to find "Mother" that Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor )'s father told his two children was successfully retain the audience during the 9-part film.

Ironically, what makes this recollection special is not half of him, but concentrating on the "brawl" of the more hegemonic friends: Robin (Cobie Smulders) - a female editor with a glorious past, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) - a lunatic guy with a book-writing affair, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) - a couple with an extremely exciting daily life.

The viewer is easily persuaded by How I Met Your Mother because of the "familiar and strange" point of view: accustomed to the ups and downs that Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall, and Robin experience can always be problems that they have to face; it’s strange because the circumstances under the talented hands of the production team suddenly turned into "unique" experiences.

Ignoring a sad ending has been met with mixed reactions, under a strange angle, roles like being played for each actor and storytelling in the form of flashbacks that make up the brand, we can't mistaken How I Met Your Mother for any other movie products. It is not surprising that the film is always considered as an indispensable spiritual food for the group of close friends when winter comes.

2 Broke Girls

Top 3 American sitcoms make you laugh

When a black-haired girl meets a blonde lady who lives in velvet, what will happen? 2 Broke Girls have proved itself not for pure souls or fastidious parents because they have a lot of comedic details about the dissolute lifestyle that is only suitable for "adults". Although sex-related comedic factors as well as skin color are constantly criticized by critics, the series of two waitresses rising from the bottom of society is still one of the most popular names that have been searched constantly on the small screen.

The two girls, including Max Black (Kat Dennings), the daughter of a poor and depraved working mother, and Caroline Channing (Beth Berhs), who were sucked with gold spoons from a young age but the events of life brought her becoming a poor man, because her millionaire father committed a crime of corruption. The two work together at a Brooklyn restaurant, becoming roommates and best friends while fulfilling their dream of opening a cupcake bakery. The money they save is shown at the end of each episode, corresponding to what they have earned or lost.

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Life In Pieces (Colorful Life)

Top 3 American sitcoms make you laugh

Daily story of a multi-generational family is told by the perspective of each insider, that is the most concise introduction about Life In Pieces. If not too important to the humorous humor, the film will be one of the options worth considering when a movie wants to choose a warm family sitcom this winter.

Just like the name of the movie mentioned, Life In Pieces simply talks about the naughty stories that every family has: the couple goes to work, argue and make peace again; children go to school, love, step into the naughty period; grandparents enjoy old age ... However, the film dissected the problem by changing the central character, from there, internal conflicts as well as mysteries are perceived in different directions.

Not a typical sitcom for comedy, Life In Pieces is like a diary followed by the pen of all family members. The laughter of Life In Pieces is made up of everyday situations, focusing on bringing peace, comfort to all ages.

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